Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mengertilah anakku.

I know it's pretty absurd. What on earth with 'mengertilah anakku'?

I don't even have kid. Or worst, I don't even married. YET.
But I just think I started to understands, how does it feels like to be parents.

I have a sister named, Ina for short. I always lecture to her. Don't do this, don't do that. What do you think you're doing? That's wasting time and yada yada yada.

I know that these stuff might suffocate her. Well, who likes to be lecture. To be nagged. Who likes? 

But only if she knows, I did all that for the sake of her own good. I don't want her to fail in education. I ask her to stop facebooking or maybe reduce the time she spends in front of the computer and yeah, go studyyyyy!

Ommo, please, mengertilah adikku.

Education is important nowadays. What would you do when you're suck at it? Do you think to be a doctor, engineer and etc requires you the ability to chat in facebook?

NO WAY! There's no such thing sis. Please, get back to reality. We should be awake in this competitive world.

Some might say, "Ala, tak semestinya tak berjaya dalam pelajaran bermakna tak berjaya."

Okay, true. But it doesn't mean you can abandoned your education. You should at least try your best first. And next, let Him determine it. Well at least we give our best ain't it?

Anyway, if you say so (read:Ala, tak semestinya tak berjaya dalam pelajaran akan gagal dalam hidup), why do you still study? Go sleep all day and just hope money will chase you then. 

Huh, it's undeniably hard to actually tell the kids why they shouldn't do this, why they shouldn't do that. Only if they knew.

Son and daughter of mine, in case you guys are reading this one day, please understand your mom. Mommy just want the best for all of you. <3

p/s: It's never easy to built a family. Just make sure you're completely ready if you've decided to have one.



Huda Diaz said...

dah dekat la tu. haha

Maicher said...

long way to go, brotha.

cha zainol said...

ada bawu nasi minyak mai :)

Maicher said...

siapa masak??? nak jugak!

Nurul Iman Rosman said...

"baik lah ibu, anakmu mengerti."

*ttbe, hehehe ;)

akima_abdullah said...

comeyh P/s hang nih. hehee!