Thursday, April 21, 2016

Whatever happens, happens.

It's tiring to think over something that you can't control.

Have you tried your best? Yes.
Is there anything in your power that you can do? No.

Then let it pass.

It's time to make dua. A lot of it. For dua is like a sharp shooting bullets that never miss!


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Another lost.

Who would have thought that in 2016, we'll be losing two uncles at a time.

Indeed, life is unpredictable.


From Allah we came, to Allah we shall return.

What caught my attention during the funeral was, when the one that managing all the procedures of mandikan mayat, kapankan mayat, said to the children of my late uncle.

He said (more less like these, after rephrasing it),

"Now that your father has dead, remember to always pray for him. He is now helpless. Nothing could him nimore in the next life. Only your prayer and sedekah could help him. Be a good daughter. That would help your father too. Read quran, and niatkan for your father. He is gonna be alone in there. Alam kubur is a scary place. You don't want your father to be terrified. Help him."

And then, all us cryyyyyyyy. Who would've stand listening to all that when in front of them is their late father's corpse.

May we bear that in mind. Death is certain.

Make sure we do things in life that's gonna help us in the next life.

Al-fatihah to him. Ayan Din in memory...