Sunday, February 28, 2016

Widen The Horizon.

Girlfriend called last night. Was on the phone almost an hour before I call it off. (sebab nak solat Isya')

I am not a phone person. More of a texter. Give me more time to think and an appropriate reply. Plus maybe because I can't hear the other party clearly thus made me asking them, Huh, what? Gila annoying rightttt? -_-

Or sometimes I just laugh, not wanting to ask them, repeatedly. And apparently I realized that person was asking question. Lels. Told ya I'm a bad phone conversationalist.

Ok that is just the introduction.

What intrigue me to wrote this post is, she told me something I've found to worth sharing.

My friend here is a Sarawakian. Been studying in Negeri Sembilan for 5 years. Been interacting with the west Malaysians like every day.

So one day her mom told her how she didn't like orang semenanjung. This and that and that that that.

She, being the one who has went out of Sarawak said, no mom. Not all semenanjung people are like that. What you've met can't generalized all people liddat. Not fair.

So here I really think she did a great job. We don't get to judge certain races just because we've met some bad people of that race. Cuz that person doesn't represent the rest.


Generally I think, the dasar to make the west Malaysians and East Malaysians mix was a great success. I have a Sarawakian bestfriend whom I've never imagining having one before.

Life is indeed, is full of surprise.



Thursday, February 25, 2016

That Feeling.

Ain't a certify teacher yet.
Haven't produced any successful students yet.
BUT, this, it felt so real. 

Rasa macam budak darjah 6 say thanks to me sebab dapat 5A :')

May Allah bless you my friend.
This friend o mine is in a journey to be a life saver. A doctor.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fear Allah.

And whoever fears Allah - He will make for him a way out. And will provide for him from where he does not expect. And whoever relies upon Allah - then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent.

Posting Where Are You?

Late I've been thinking about my posting like all the time.

Time nak makan, "Hm bila nak posting ni?"
Bangun tido, "Bila agaknya posting ni?"
Tengok movie, "Posting bila lah ni?"

Like almost all the time. It stuck to my head. I kept on thinking about it even I didn't even want to. Craze.

There must be something that Allah has planned for me and the rest of my friends, right? I believe that. There must be!

Hmm, daripada berfikir sesuatu yang tidak pasti malah di luar kawalan sang manusiawi marhaen cam aku ni, baik fikir what to do to fill the free time kan?

So far, I've tried:-

1. Small business.
2. Home-tutoring.
3. Tried all the bizarre recipes on net.
4. Read books. Watch movies.
5. Wrote a cerpen.
6. Wasting time, again, and over again. :(

This is a cheese cake topped with shredded mozzarella. A kid brought this when I'm home tutoring. At least this cheered me up. :)

P/s: Even when you're in times of hardship, there must be something to be thankful for. Spot it. Cuz. There. Must. Be.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Brother J100: Black Ink Not Detected

Sebelum ini saya pengguna printer Canon MP 258. Namun setelah bertahun bersama, saya dah penat bersabar dengannya. Saya akui ia banyak berbakti kepada saya. Tapi saya tak boleh terus menerus bersamanya dalam hati yang sering disakiti.

Asal nak print assignment je, dia buat hal. Langsung taknak kompromi. Kemuncak dia buat hal bila tengah praktikum 2 tahun 2014. Saya nekad. Jika begini saya cari printer lain sajelah. Dah masanya saya lepaskan dia pergi.....

Lalu saya beli lah printer Brother J100 ini.

Dah lebih setahun setengah saya bersama Brother J100 ni sekarang, Hari-hari saya berjalan dengan baik dan indah. Tiada lagi masalah.

Tapi sebenarnya saya yang try hard fikir positif. Rupanya ada jugak masalah danggg.
Masalah dia taknak detect black ink. Like why???? Whyyyyy you do this to meee? Hah over terus.

Only then saya dapat kenalpasti penyelesaian kepada masalah ini. Mudah saja rupanya.

Ini trick nya:

Lepas kita dah insert semua ink catridge external tu, akan keluar blank ink not detected kan? Pada saat itu, keluarkan black ink external tu.

Kemudian, insert black ink catridge yang original. Now see the magic?

Then keluarkan balik catridge original, masuk catridge (tank) external.

Settle! Selesai satu masalah :')

Tips penjagaan printer:
1. Selalu lah buat clean head printer.
2. Jangan guna kertas nipis.
3. Jangan guna external ink. (tapi impossible la kan? Kita student tak mampu deknon beli ink catridge original huhu)

P/s: Jangan perlakukan manusia macam printer. Cuba baiki dahulu sehabis cuba jangan mudah cari lain. Eh