Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Diamond screen protector.

Assalamualaikum and whaddup to my avid loyal reader(s). Glad that you're still sticking wimmeh. :p


LIKE SERIOUSLY WHAT ARE YOU? A police? A headmaster? Pffffft.

It's getting worse day by day. Some even asked me. Who are you texting with? Ouhh your boyfriend eyy? He wants to ask you out for a dinner? Bla blaaa blaaa.

Boyfriend? What boyfriend? Pfffft!

See? Look at what they've done? Making a ridiculous conclusion out of what they merely sipi-sipi saw. THAT'S WHY I HATE IT!

That's why I'm thinking of getting myself a new screen protector. A DIAMOND SCREEN PROTECTOR is the solution!

I hate the glitter surface of it. But not until I know the advantages it will brings. *shimmering eyes*

Yes my dear readers. It got anti-dust, anti water, anti-scratch and most importantly ANTI-GLARE.

Asta lavista annoying sugar stalker! Hahahahaha *contented laugh*


p/s: Today is the fourth day of ramadan. And so far, I've heard 3 kematian already. Semoga arwah ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang yang beriman to adik Fendi science, ayah Fakhrulradzi math and an acquaintance, Naz Zan, a close friend to Manja Tesl. Al-Fatihah. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Get inspired!

There you go Maisarah Alloha. What's with her? Frequently updating the blog even her current life she leads is as busy as bee.

Nay, listen. I want to preserve the days. I want to reread, reminisce, smile like a complete idiot about how busy/miserable my life is 5-10 years later(if God wills it). Uh can't wait! *eh*

This morning, I want to stress on how important it is for you to be bersemangat. (eh bukan dah cakap ke pasal semangat?)

Just so you know, I'm so tensed with this semester. Everything seems so blur. Math decision is hard, what more Geometry. This two subject really messed up my mind.

But but but somehow, lately, I feel calmer, better and damai.

What makes me feel so bersemangat?

This is 87.693% impact from reading that book the other day. I feel so inspired! I feel so motivated! I feel so positive! I feel so hoyeahicandoit!. Do you get it? Can you feel it? :D

Quoting from Barney Stinson, HIMYM I-don't-know-which-season, "When you get sad, stop being sad and be awesome instead". Yes I know hes just another movie character. But the impact that he gave to my life is so huge. Somehow I feel like I wanna be like him. Even in the movie he seems to be the one yang selalu kene ditched, but if you notice, he got that X factor that makes me say, OHMYYY THIS GUY IS AWESOME! p/s: Hes the king of awesomeness anyway.

Love. Quoting from Lao Tzu, "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." This is so true ain't it? Everyone loves to be loved. And so do I. But always bear in mind, jangan sampai the love we feel, brings kemurkaan Allah. Be careful buttercups. ;) I don't want to elaborate more on this. You know better.

This one guy with M as his initial name. I wonder, are people who got M as their initial name is awesome? Hehehe kidding. This M is so perfect. I love everything about him. Hes handsome, hes kind-hearted, hes adorable, hes sweet, hes full of caliber, hes wise, hes a brilliant leader, and short story, hes everything on the positive list! Honestly, hes the ultimate reason that responsible for making me feel so motivated. I love him wholeheartedly. I love him to the moon and back. No kidding.

See, theres a lot of things that you can use to make you feel bersemangat. Different people may have different way they obtain that precious hard-to-get semangat.  

Sebab apa, bila kita bersemangat, everything seems to be so kacang!

Come on, find that catalyst that can catalyze you. We don't have much time. Life is short. Theres no time to frown sugars. Suit up!


p/s: That M's full name is Muhammad bin Abdullah. Or widely known as Muhammad SAW. Allahuakbar!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Memories overflooded!

Wooo it's 1.05am man! And what am I doing at this hour? Another midnight rambling? +.+'

It's actually because tadi trending pasal #SoalanPalingFemesDekatSekolah kat twitter. So I just wanna reminisce my days, 3-4 years back then. There, I've screenshot-ed them all. :p

Theres a lot. This is just some of it.

"I don't remember days. I remember memories." - Quoted from a school magazine.

p/s: I know who will I give this book to. It's Sis Cha. In case if you read this, email me your address kayh sis! Just so you know that I don't own that book. Yang baca haritu pinjam yang orang. So consider yourself lucky cuz I'll get (read: buy) that book for you. :)

Oh it's 1.18am. Adios. Oyasuminasai.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You're never a loser until you stop trying.

I love to be around people with high spirit.
They somehow indirectly motivate me to be like them (or better), without them knowing about it.
I hope I can thank every and each of them personally for making me feel this way.

As for now, I'm so happy. I don't know what's the ultimate reason behind it. I'm just happy. 
Rezeki jugak perasaan happy ni sebenarnya.

Sebab ada kalanya kita berasa gundah gulana, tidak tahu apa puncanya.

p/s: I used to think people yang buat sajak/puisi is a boring person. But no anymore. It's nice to get a sajak that dedicate to you and only you. Macam Fatimah Syarha buat kat suami dia. 

Oh it's 12.41am already. I'm done with my midnight rambling. Till then old folks. Before I penned off (gedik sebab guna istilah surat), chin up and be happy nae?


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Aku tak pernah lagi bila baca sesebuah buku, sampai rasa nak hadiahkan buku tu kat orang lain.

Aku rasa macam annoying level 9999 buat title post panjang camtuh. Seriously.

Sepanjang aku diberi peluang bernafas hampir 2 abad, ni lah kali pertama, bila aku baca sesebuah buku tu, aku rasa sampai nak hadiahkan buku tu kat orang lain. 

Sebab selama ni aku just suggest je orang baca sesebuah buku afta aku habis baca. Tak sampai tahap nak hadiahkan kat orang. Tapi buku ni, aku rasa nak bagi hadiah kat orang. Aku yang belikan untuk orang. Korang nampak tak sesuatu kat situ?  (note: aku tak dapat comission pape pon buat review ni.)

Apa yang menambahkan lagi kepelikan pada perkara ni, buku tu berkaitan dengan cinta. Wait cinta? Say whottttttt?! Aku tak suka novel cinta woih!

Okay I'm not that type of novel-cinta person ( sebab tu bahasa yang aku guna tak bombastic kot :| ) . Aku tak suka novel cinta. Menyampah cos benda tu bukan betul pon. Rekaan semata-mata yang mana akan membuai perasaan seseorang itu ke dunia fantasi yang sememangnya tidak wujud di alam realiti ni. *Movie is excluded ey in this case, as it doesn't requires you to read. :p

Tapi buku ni. For God sake, you gotta read it. Taktau aku nak bagitahu macam mana kenapa aku beria-ria, bersungguh-sungguh suruh korang baca. 

Thiz iz the book you all!!!!!

Aku sememangnya tak pandai nak bermain kata or picking the right convincing words and stuff. I'm a plain type of people liddat. Takdak seni bahasa. I mean I couldn't play with words. I don't have that ability. So when I say you have to read it, I really mean it. Theres something that you'll get. It would worth your RM 12. Believe me. Chaebal, believe me.

Oh and and, buku ni bukan untuk perempuan je. Untuk semua jantina. Dan untuk semua status jugak. Yang single, in relationship, in engagement, even yang dah kahwin. Tulah yang specialnya buku ni. Haishhh chincha how could I convince you to read this ey?

p/s/s: Kalau aku ada boyfriend, dia akan jadik orang first yang akan aku bagi. But since theres none, aku tengah pikir nak bagi siapa dulu. Hahahaha dah la merepek sampai sini jelah.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Of projector and LCD.

It's been ages in the state of draft in my mind. I wanna tell you something. A story of projector and LCD. Believe me it's not a so-boring-hoi-what-is-this story. 

It's kind of I-donno-whats-the-suitable-word-to-be-use-here that most of us don't really know what on earth is projector and what on mars is LCD.

Nevermind kids, here comes the superhero, trying to help the confused.

I provide you with two enormous crystal clear picture. Look at it carefully and read the explanation  wholeheartedly.

The above picture shows a projector. I repeat, a projector. It's so what-makes-you-think-it's-LCD moment everytime people say, it is an LCD, in front of me. No. It's not LCD. It's a projector. It's a projector!

And now this is what we call LCD screen. Actually LCD is a type of screen. Screen for tv, handphone, camera and so on.  I wonder why do we call the above picture as LCD screen. As far as I know, the acronym of LCD itself tell something else, which is liquid crystal display. So wheres the liquid in the above picture ey?

Ahhhh nevermind. Forget about that one. What is important now, you don't call projector as LCD anymore. Please, it hurts me. Hahahahaha poser  much nak hurt hurt.