Monday, July 2, 2012

Of projector and LCD.

It's been ages in the state of draft in my mind. I wanna tell you something. A story of projector and LCD. Believe me it's not a so-boring-hoi-what-is-this story. 

It's kind of I-donno-whats-the-suitable-word-to-be-use-here that most of us don't really know what on earth is projector and what on mars is LCD.

Nevermind kids, here comes the superhero, trying to help the confused.

I provide you with two enormous crystal clear picture. Look at it carefully and read the explanation  wholeheartedly.

The above picture shows a projector. I repeat, a projector. It's so what-makes-you-think-it's-LCD moment everytime people say, it is an LCD, in front of me. No. It's not LCD. It's a projector. It's a projector!

And now this is what we call LCD screen. Actually LCD is a type of screen. Screen for tv, handphone, camera and so on.  I wonder why do we call the above picture as LCD screen. As far as I know, the acronym of LCD itself tell something else, which is liquid crystal display. So wheres the liquid in the above picture ey?

Ahhhh nevermind. Forget about that one. What is important now, you don't call projector as LCD anymore. Please, it hurts me. Hahahahaha poser  much nak hurt hurt.


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