Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Innovation Competition.

Alright quick update.

So few days back, I participate in an innovation competition. Wow, Maicher? Wow.

It has been a hella new experience to me. Plus, we got silver for our innovation project. That was something that I can be proud of. It's my first time man. I am so satisfied. Hardwork paid off.

Would love to take this opportunity to thank my super partner, Aziathul Azreema for giving me help and support when I needed them the most.

And special thanks to my supervisor too, Puan Mazni Sulaiman for giving us advice and financial support. Ahaks.

What a hectic semester man. Never thought semester 8 would hit me this bad. Whatever it it, I am still fighting on my AR writings.

Pray for me please. That would be so lovely.

Thank you!