Friday, March 11, 2016


Tak cukup dengan menunggu posting yang tak kunjung tiba, life keeps on giving me lemons. I'm gonna list down all the lemons I'm currently dealing.

1. External hard disk can't be detected. I'm still hoping it's just the cable. #prayhard all the pictures are in there I'm so gonna cry a river if it's all gone.

2. It took me several times of pressing the power button to turn on the laptop. Yeap, has Googled it. Not a good sign, not a good sign. Sabar dulu, laptop. I don't have the money don't do this.

3. Penutup printer patah. It's now harder for the external cartridge to be detected.

As for now, that are all. :)

I'm okay. I'm okay.

To be thinking it again, at least I'm still breathing right? What can beat a healthy heart that is still working perfectly fine? Nada. Nada.

Be grateful, myself. Be grateful.
Always be grateful despite all of the life tests Allah has given you.

Theres silver lining in every cloud.