Saturday, October 26, 2013

Buku merah jangan lupa bawa~

My fingers are itching to write but theres nothing big going on at the moment and I don't want to bore you with me ranting on how uninteresting my life is. So I thought I'll just share my first experience on donating blood last few months. (This is so yestermonths, it's on 12 March to be exact :P )

This is not really a comprehensive information or guide or whatsoever. I'm just typing this out of boredom. (Boredom whaaat? Finals are just around the corner.) Ngaaaak

There are few conditions before you can donate your blood. These are the terms that I can recall :
  • Generally you're in good health.
  • Your weight is 45kg and above.
  • You're not period. (for girls)
  • You're not pregnant.
  • You're not taking any medicine at least 7 days before hari kejadian nak menderma.

As a first timer, I'm quite nervous. I heard before that ada orang pengsan uols sebab derma darah ni. Ohemgee tragis sangat. I nak buat amal ni tapi kalau sampai membahayakan diri I? Oh noo. 

Crap. Actually those yang pengsan tu sebab dia tak breakfast dulu. Durhh memang lewww.

Actually guys, donating blood is not like what you've heard.

The process is very simple. First, you gotta undergo the timbang berat, measure magnesium level in blood, check blood type and yadayada. Then, once doctor dah check you up and you're proven to be in a good state of health, you'll be asked to lay on the chair provided. Then the nurse will comfort you with this kind of phrase "First time ye? Tak sakit pun, takde apa lah. Watlekwatcool je." Nurses nowadays are not like before dah uols. Semua cantik, baik lagi bermuka manis aumm. 

Then once dah settle semua tu, you'll be given this pocket-fit red book. Buku ni untuk catat tarikh kita derma darah. Because you know? We'll get special treatment when we go to the hospital depends on how frequent we donate blood. More reasons to donate blood, no? 

 That was me. I dapat nurse laki uols. At first rasa macam adoy asal plak lelaki ni, aurah tak terjaga ah ceni (sebab darah tu diambil kat lengan so kena sinsing lengan ah skit).

 There, there. I smile uols. Gembira + teruja kerana akhirnya dapat juga menyumbang jasa kepada rakyat Malaysia yang memerlukan darah. :')

I am an A type. Dah takyah nak classified kan orang ikut blood type.

Selepas dicucuk jarum di urat vena oleh misi yang mahir lagi berwibawa, it took around 10-15 minutes for the blood to fill the bloodbag yang 350ml punya. But it depends jugak. If your blood pekat, lambat la sket proses tu berlangsung. Talking about experience, eceh :P

So guys, siapa yang memenuhi syarat dan berpeluang untuk derma darah, silalah berbuat demikian. Tolonglah jangan bagi absurd excuse like "I takut jarum" and whatnot. Fight that kind of feeling. Trust me TAK SAKIT LANGSUNG. You have my guarantee. I berani terjun pokok taugeh kalau I salah. 

Donate blood and save lives. :')

p/s: This is a confession. Actually berat I 43kg. I golongan underweight. But since this blood donation event was held in my campus and my friends were the one yang conduct, so yeah. 2 kilos doesn't really matter. I want to experience this. But don't do this seriously. Jangan bahayakan diri. I am the only exception XP


Eh awak yang baca ni, I need your doa. My finals are in 4 days! Thanks ly! ;)