Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gambar raya 1433.

Brace yourself as I'll flood this post with a lot of pictures!

Perjalanan bermula! I'm with brotha and my youngest sister, Ina. The rest was with my parents. Yes, two wagons since my family is biggg.

I safely touched down Kota Bharu around 3.15am. Yes, we sahur somewhere around Ketereh. No pics as it was 2.00 am. 

The next day we went to the town. It is always the girls tradition to borong tudung kat Kota Bharu a day before raya. So, here we go!

Why are they like this? +.+

Next, the first raya. I'm gonna show you my clown outfit.

Spot the clown clad in turquoise! Hint? She wears pink shawl. Now geddit? Thats our clown! :D

Kalau duduk taklah terserlah mana Maisarah the turqoise clown tuh! :D

This is my current Facebook profile picture. I've no idea how people could comment on my pic. I set it private kot. What's wrong with Facebook nowadays?! *angkat cangkul*

Next, second raya!

Motif posing kat kubur? +.+

Hannah and Qayyum!

Very nicely done kuih raya.

Next, third raya! 

Ze girlz.

The night before I fall sick. The pale-ness is obvious.

Theres nothing much on this day. Those pics kat masjid Kubang Kerian. My related family's (who I don't even knows in person) akad nikah.

Next, fourth raya! 
And there was no me. Demam that day remember? :(

Akad nikah malam semalam. Harini majlis dia. Double cheese burger wedding. 

Gamba penutup.

I save this for the last pic as it is the only pic that had been taken at night. Oh ada gamba time main mercun. But it's too mainstrean that I can't upload it here. K selamat hari raya puasa enam pretty and handsome!



Thursday, August 23, 2012

Heart wrenching.

Selamat hari raya kelima. The weathers here in Kota Bharu is unpredictable. Panas, then hujan then panas balik. It took turn. And as a weak me, I caught fever. End up not following them going beraya and sit at home, updating this blog. Eh


p/s: I'll be back home today! Yes!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya 1433.

So I get the chance to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya on the first day of raya. WIN!

Alright so far, everything went well. And to my surprise, I still got duit raya! Haha leulz thanks siapa bagi :3

Except about my baju raya. Besar gilos kot. That tailor said that dia sayang nak potong bcos according to her, my kain is from type of elok. So dia lebihkan ja ukuran.

Arghhh taktau nak kata apa. Lebar gila kot. Aku pasrah ja. Padahai kain biasa ja aihh.(serious kain aku biasa). Macam clown dah aku dalam gamba. :(

Tapi takpa. Nasib baik makanan superb fantastic galastic. Daripada pagi sampai petang ni banyaaaak gila makanan. So it does help to cure the upset feeling about the baju kan. :D

Okay till then. Tonite program rumah ayah cha. Aahh cant wait fer tomorrow. Climax of hari raya :D

P/s: Selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin! Part maaf tu, I really mean it.


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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Maicher on Metro!

I know I should post this earlier because, people say, kalau benda best tapi cerita lambat, the anticipation is no longer there ain't it?

But too bad I'm so busy that I only sleep 2-3 hours a day. Crazy. I hate this sem. Nevermind, proceed on the main thing now.

As obvious as on the title, I was on Harian Metro last Sunday (12/8/2012) ! Weeeee! Proove? Ni haaaa.

Credit goes to my junior, Fendi. Thanks for the twitpic! ^^

The most common question people asked me was, "How could you be on Metro Maiiiii????" "How? How?" "You send resume or what?" *okay that one is funny :p"

Alrite, it's like this.

There's this one reporter. She's seeking for people who have hobi yang macam rare untuk buat artikel kat ruangan hobi. (You know there's a ruangan hobi if u're Metro avid reader. Honestly, I just knew about the existence on that column :p )

So she googled about kad raya since sekarang kan bulan puasa, so sesuai lah kan tulis pasal hobi mengumpul kad raya for that week punya edisi.

Surprisingly, she found my blog yang entry ni. Adededededeh malu gila bila baca balik entry tuh. Sounds so errr, sounds so apa eh, errrr. Poser maybe. *_*

Then, she contacted me through email. Lucky I put my email on that tab above. *So now you know the importance of putting your email*

It took two weeks after the interview for me to come out on the news. 

That is all. End of story. ;)


p/s: Do write benefit stuff. You will never know what life is offering you in front.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Air kathira is overrated.

"Kalau ada masalah, mengadulah pada Allah. Kerana manusia takkan pernah faham." - Quoted from a friend's tweet. (p/s: she is my silent reader, her name started with H ).

Masa mula² baca tweet tu, rasa takde apa. Biasa je.

Tapi bila dilanda masalah, baru fully comprehend maksud dia. Apa yang dia cakap bukan sekadar tweet biasa, tapi sebagai peringatan.

Honestly, it's been awhile since aku duduk atas tikar sejadah, doa lama-lama, lepas semua kat Dia. Dah lama tak buat. Biasa habis solat, baca doa tak sampai 5 minit, lipat sejadah terus sambung buat kerja duniawi. Allah.....

Berhadapan dengan manusia, terasa hati tu biasa. Takleh lari. The only thing that I could possibly do is just crying. Just because I cry, it doesn't indicate that I'm weak. I'm gathering the  strength. The strength to stay sabr. Allah...

I don't have the ability to fight back. It's not that I can't. But I don't want. See the difference?

Bagi korang yang mungkin face the same thing dengan aku, nasihat aku, sabar. Sabar, sabar, sabar, dan sabar. Mungkin dorang tu ujian yang Allah hantar kat kita. Nak tengok macam mana kita handle benda macam ni.

Haishh terlepas perasaan plak kat sini. Durhh.

Oh seblom tu, korang dah rasa air kathira? Bagi aku tak sedap. Mungkin sebab aku tak suka cincau. Tapi rasanya kalau takde cincau pun still tak sedap. Pelik jugak camane air ni bleh up. Eh haha.

Oh satu lagi, aku dah lama tak gain follower. Pastu smalam nampak cam bertambah sorang. Welcome to the club.



p/s: Sabar is the key. Allah!

Monday, August 6, 2012

I abused the replay button.

Hafiz Hamidun. Durh, namanya pun poyo nyewwww pun.
Being the typical me, always judge something as I pleased.

"Nama pon poyo, apetah lagi lagu".

Kaitan. Haha 

But I was totally wronggggggg.

Apparently, semua lagu by this human sapien called Hafiz Hamidun adalah best. Contohnya cerita hati. Lagu ni lagu first yang aku dengar kat blog sorang crush yang aku pun tak kenal siapa. Apa yang pasti, lagu tuh cam bleh instill semangat. Serious cakap.

Pastuh, ni. Ni yang lagi menyentuh sudut hati (how is that possible nak sentuh sudut hati? err hantam la). This zikir terapi diri by him. My current halwa telinga! I replayed entah berapa riban kali dah ntah since dengar harituh.

Download it here !

Nak nak bulan puasa kan. Kena buang habit dengar lagu yang tak berfaedah. Dengar zikir camnih at least dapat tambah points kita untuk akhirat. 

Teringat kata-kata seseorang (aku tak ingat siapa :3 ), rugi kalau kita masuk sebuah gua yang melimpah ruah emas, tapi kita keluar dengan hanya membawa gangsa. Cewwwah! 

Indah sungguh jika pandai bermain kata. Boleh compare itu dengan ini. Aku sangatlah tak mampu. :/

Selamat menyambut bulan ramadan rakan². Rasanya aku tak wish lagi kan. So ni lah nak wish ni :3

Akhir kata, semoga Ramadan kali ni menjadi titik tolak untuk kita berubah ke arah yang lebih baik. (nahhh ayat). InsyaAllah. 



Saturday, August 4, 2012

I can't feel you.

I have no idea how does it feels like not to have a mother at the age of me.
I mean, who would tell you what to do and what to don't?

Who would teach you how to cook? 
Who would tell you how to behave when u're at other's house?
Who would correct your manners?
Who would uplift your spirit when you get low grades?
Who would sooth you when you're feeling down?
Who would be there when everyone else is turning around?
Who would clean your cut?
Who would take care of you when you're sick?
Who would? Who would??????? *tears drop*

I don't know how does it feels like not to have a mother. To my dear friend, honestly I can't feel you. I'm not in your shoes. It's a lie when people said that 'I feel you'. They don't even know what you've been through.

I heard that everytime Ramadan comes, you would feel sad. I'm puzzled. Why? But now I know. You lost your mom and now, it's your boy. No wonder.

When I see you and him together, I thought both of you will end up to a marriage. Since you told me you're going to the kursus perkahwinan with him.

But, man proposes, God disposes. Allah knows better. There's a silver lining behind all these. There is. It's just a matter of time.

And to all other people around, don't just blame her. You don't know what she had been through.

Today she might not cover her aurah properly. But who knows tomorrow she will. In fact better than you. I know you want to propagate the Islam. But in that way (using inappropriate words)? Forget it.

Sometimes, people would feel attracted by just looking at your noble akhlak. I admit that I fall for one because of his/her akhlak too. After all, action speaks louder than words.

To you know who you are, be strong. After all, life is not permanent. So does the happiness nor sorrow that we feel. It's just temporary.

Though we're not close, we're still saudara seIslam. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm here. :)

p/s: Today is 4 August 2012. Hmm nothing.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pasti kau bisa teruskan hidup.

Rasanya semua orang ada perancangan hidup
Ada yang nak jadi doktor ataupun pembaca berita ataupun stewardess
Ada yang nak kahwin dan lahirkan lapan anak
Ada yang nak hidup sendiri dengan buku dan internet
Ada impian yang berjaya, ada mimpi yang tidak

Sesetengah orang lancar perjalanan hidupnya
Sesetengah tidak
Ada yang melonjak naik dari bangku sekolah
Ada yang tersekat tengah jalan
Ada yang masuk pusat serenti
Ada jugak yang terkandas dalam longkang sampai nafas terakhir

Hidup kita, nasib kita
Usaha tangan kita, nasib tangan Tuhan

Ada orang yang gembira dengan keluarga
Ada yang meluncur perjalanan karier
Ada yang dah jumpa penyeri hati sampai tak perlu apa lagi
Ada yang dapat semua ni
Ada yang tak dapat lansung

Biasalah hidup ni
Kalau tak ada pasang surut
Kalau tak ada ombak badai
Bukanlah kehidupan namanya

Sehebat mana pun kita
Senang saja kita jatuh nanti
Sehancur mana pun kita
Senang saja esok kita bangkit kembali

Ada saudara dan sahabat aku yang dah berjaya
Ada yang tidak
Ada yang tak sempat lihat hari esok sebab Tuhan dah panggil balik

Pesan aku pada semua
Dan pada diri sendiri

Kalau jatuh
Bangun kembali
Kalau jatuh lagi
Kau kan ada kaki

Satu-satunya waktu kita dah tak boleh buat apa-apa
Bila malaikat datang minta kita serahkan nyawa

Selain itu
Apa pun yang datang
Hidup ni kan sangat panjang
Dunia ni kan terlalu luas
Manusia terlalu ramai
Rezeki melimpah ruah
Jodoh silih berganti
Peluang tetap datang lagi

Aku pernah jatuh
Tersungkur terduduk sampai terlentang
Aku jatuh dengan dunia
Aku jatuh dengan manusia
Tapi aku bangun
Dan aku bangun lagi
Dan lagi
Sebab aku sentiasa percaya
Dengan masa depan
Sebab bukan aku yang tentukan
Tapi Tuhan

Jadi jangan berhenti percaya pada kehidupan
Jangan berhenti percaya pada semua orang sekeliling kita
Jangan berhenti percaya pada cinta dan masa depan
Jangan berhenti percaya pada Tuhan

Jika semalam, kau tahu apa yang akan jadi hari ini?
Tak ada siapa pun yang tahu
Sebagus mana pun kita

Jadi jangan berhenti percaya
Pasti kau bisa
Sebab hidup tak berakhir di sini

Taken from here.

p/s: This poem is interesting. That explains why it's here. I wish I'm a linguistic person that can play with words too. Too bad I'm not.

p/s: Time buat entry ni dalam kelas Dr. Puma. Yes you heard me, DR. PUMA. I kill the time while waiting on the observer who will observe her for JUSA. Wow aint it. 


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Is there anyone else who don't know how to use facial cleanser? If there is, this might help. :p