Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Awesome people are awesome!

Salam and hey awesome people!

I'm a pre-mature student that can easily feel down. AND easily feel inspired. Yesterday I feel horrible, and today I get to normal. Naahhh.. AWESOME ain't it? That's just an does-not-related intro with what I'm going to write. What I'm going to write isss..


Yes, of course. You gotta be awesome to do that. How on earth you can master two diffrent things at one time? (to let you know, Mathematics and tajwid+its stuff are awaayy very diffrent)

When I say "teach you Al-Quran", means teach you everything about it. For your information, this lecturer knows a lot about Al-Quran. He even memorizes the verse and all. Yes, I feel fascinated because he is not from Pendidikan Agama Islam department (kalo tak,tak pelik ah kan). He is from Mathematics department. The one that got Master in Mathematics guyss!

Nahh.. see. It does not mean when you are in Mathematics area (this is just an example), you can't master in Al-Quran too. This kind of people is what Islam ne
ed. The one that excel in both aspect.

I really want to be like this too when I first apply dentistry before. I just want to prove the world that Muslim and Muslimah like us can succeed too. You get me right? I mean, isn't it great when people in profession like dentist/doctor/engineer and so on are also doing well in their religion too, despite that they are professional in their career.

However, God seems not to choose me to be one that I want. He wants me to be an educator. Perhaps I can perform better in this career. Well, He knows the best.

p/s: Happy Teachers Day guysss.



If and only if we could do this.

I just finish answered an English paper. And I don't think it's awesome. I feel SUCK, really. I don't expect things would be this horrible. Oh oh oh...

Dear Allah, please give me strength. A LOT of. Pretty please....

Yes, I'm having a hard time. (a common problem which most of the pre-mature teenage face)

Guys, girls. Please pray for me. I'll need it.

p/s:sorry for this trash-like post.