Monday, April 29, 2013

A story of a good friend.

I have a friend named Lai Lee Lu.
Shes a Chinese, comes from Sarawak.

The thing that I like about her is, shes kind.

Lai selalu bantu saya dalam pelajaran. Terutamanya dalam subjek Matematik. (sebab Matematik memerlukan kefahaman, tak macam subjek lain. Baca sendiri pon boleh paham). Setiap kali saya tanya dia, dia akan ajar saya sampai saya faham. Kalau saya tak pahampaham jugak, dia akan dengan sabarnya cuba untuk buat saya faham. Dia tak pernah marah. :') Mujurlah saya ni tak bengap sangat. Paham jugak lastlast. 

Plus, shes a very humble person. Shes not a poser. I really hate poser people. One tend to be a poser when shes smart (or she thinks shes smart). So take note on this smarty pants. Eh

She also has a nice handwriting. I like her handwriting. Very neat. I heard that one handwriting portray their attitude? This might be true. Shes a very cool girl. I can see this when she holds the position of vice president of the class back in 2011. Shes so cool. Tak pernah marahmarah pon. (because when once you hold on a position, you tend to get a lot of work, making you stress, making you feel like nak marah all the time). But, shes not. 

Inilah dia Lai yang saya ceritakan. Ni masa foundation year.

No wonder God help her through the way. She got 4.00 flat haritu woots! Because shes kind. Dia tak kedekut ilmu. Terima kasih, Lai. Walaupun saya tau Lai takkan baca ni, saya nak gak publish post ni. Semoga kita kawan sampai bila-bila.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

I fell in love with you once, I'm falling for you again.

I hate it when my heart is bombard with these kind of feelings.
"These kind of feelings?" Justify that.

Well yaknow, that kind of feeling. That urge. That unwanted feeling that you can't possibly ditch it easily.

It's involuntary. Out of my control. It just keep coming. Uninvited.

Why oh whyyyyyy?

I thought I've move on. It seems that I'm not. :|

It's not that I'm not trying. I did. But it doesn't work. The thought of it just keep lingering on my mind.

I know it's about time. It takes time. *pats on my back*
Haishhh this love is sickening. I don't know it could be this bad.

I know that 'bukan semua yang kita nak akan jadi milik kita' line. It's just, hard for me to accept the fact that both of us can't be together. Maybe I'm not trying my best. Or is it already stated in the fate that we're not mean to be together?

Ah, this hurts. :'(

Whatever it is, I'll pray for one day, you'll be mine. Because, once I love, I love hard. I can't just possibly threw this feeling away! I'll work for us!


I fell in love with you once, I'm falling for you again. #iPadMini

Yeah, I'm Maisarah the technosexual. :P

Ah btw, had been listening to this for few weeks ady. So soothing~ 


Monday, April 15, 2013

Life lesson from Popopokemon!

It is okay to hate something. You just don't need to broadcast the fact and make others upset or uncomfortable.

Pokemon used to be my favorite tv series when I was a kid 10 years back.

p/s: I'm pretty sure all this politic fags don't watch Pokemon. Because they simply said things they knew would upset others. Oh, poor boy. :(

Friday, April 5, 2013

Flour on the floor.

Ini baru teaser. 

4 April 2013. Officially 21. 

Banyak benda nak cerita. Banyak sangat. Nanti, tunggu. >:D