Saturday, April 27, 2013

I fell in love with you once, I'm falling for you again.

I hate it when my heart is bombard with these kind of feelings.
"These kind of feelings?" Justify that.

Well yaknow, that kind of feeling. That urge. That unwanted feeling that you can't possibly ditch it easily.

It's involuntary. Out of my control. It just keep coming. Uninvited.

Why oh whyyyyyy?

I thought I've move on. It seems that I'm not. :|

It's not that I'm not trying. I did. But it doesn't work. The thought of it just keep lingering on my mind.

I know it's about time. It takes time. *pats on my back*
Haishhh this love is sickening. I don't know it could be this bad.

I know that 'bukan semua yang kita nak akan jadi milik kita' line. It's just, hard for me to accept the fact that both of us can't be together. Maybe I'm not trying my best. Or is it already stated in the fate that we're not mean to be together?

Ah, this hurts. :'(

Whatever it is, I'll pray for one day, you'll be mine. Because, once I love, I love hard. I can't just possibly threw this feeling away! I'll work for us!


I fell in love with you once, I'm falling for you again. #iPadMini

Yeah, I'm Maisarah the technosexual. :P

Ah btw, had been listening to this for few weeks ady. So soothing~ 



marniey zul said...

ingat kan siapa tadi, rupnyaaaa.. hahaha

Maicher said...

he he he ^___^y

asliner said...

owh..i pad mini rupanya..
kalau ade rezeki lebih, mai beli je..
kita tengok kawan pakai pun macam teringin jer..hihi

Maicher said...

he he he dalam pertimbangan lagi kak as. ^^

fatinsofia said...

ececeh mai.pndai cover ea.dah jatuh eksprisikan pd bnd lain.hahahaha.;)

Maicher said...

Jatuh cinta apabenda paten. Aku berkenan gila kat iPad mini ni.

Hari hari pikir nak beli ke tak. Ughhhh sakit otak.