Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hear! Hear!

I just realized something.

Children with behavioral issues usually just wants to be heard. They want to be recognized, to be acknowledged.

To some, it's better to be recognized in a bad way rather than not to be noticed at all.

As a result, they channel it through different way. Tantrum. Temper.

Sigh. If only we listen more...


p/s: Most of the times, it's just to have someone who's really interested in how I feel and actually give it a thought, rather than seeking for the actual solutions. The options are there, but God knows that I won't go down the road I wish I could, for I don't have the gut to. So I prefer for a conversation that won't lead me anywhere but one - my sanity.

Sanity. Only by being listened to.

I'm doing fine with teacher trainee stuff - practicum, so far. The school is good. The students and the teachers are great. This is just about something else.

Just, something else.