Friday, May 23, 2014

Rant About Time.

I'd love to let the whole world know how I define 'wasting time'.

For me, one is wasting his time when he does nothing. Zilch. Simply nothing that lead him thinking to how boring his life is. And he ended up, went to bed.

Herm hermm hermm.

Since we, teacher trainees got almost a month of semester break, let's make full use of our holiday.

Watch movies; for you'll learn something from it. Even little.
Watch series; for you'll take lesson from it. Even little.
Read books; for it benefit you in so many ways. Any books will do.
Do the chores; so that Mom would love you more lol. No. Simply bcos you, being a soleh son.
Join sewing class.
Bake cakes.
Fry french fries and nuggets; so that you can eat? K.
Recite the Quran; so that your heart find peace :')

In short, do whatever that you feel like it when you have free time. Jangan tidoq ja. Bukan nak kata tido tu buang masa, tapi kena berpada. Haa gitu. Yostruli juga berazam untuk tido awal dan bangun awal. Tu yang sebaiknya sebenarnya. Sebab kalau kat kampus, agak susah la kan dengan nak siapkan tutorial la, isl la lesson plan yada yada zzzzzz.

K, may peace be upon ya! And to all trainee teachers, especially the fantabulous (fantastic + fabolous in case if you've been wondering lol) semester 5, Class of Mathematics IPGKRM, jyeahh we made it. Though it's been tough, at least we're still alive. :') Happy holiday!

Khanda! (My new way of saying bui-bui) :P

Our last class picture of Semeter 5. Yeah yeah I know, time sure fliessss.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Little Clover of Four Greeting.

I have come to a point where I finally feel tired of afraid.
Afraid of failing.
Just to send a message to myself and a few that,
Failing is not as romanticized in books and it is sometimes inevitable.
It is painful, but pain is temporary if we work through it.

I am not afraid of failing anymore.
I have worked my way, and now ask for your prayers.

No matter what religion or how you address God,
To be a good teacher, until we meet then.

So help me God.

P/s: Malam ni ada solat hajat kat Bais. If you are a trainee teacher of IPGKRM, you're most welcome to come. ^_^