Wednesday, December 23, 2015

So Confusing.

"What is it that you are so confuse?"

Been asking that question to myself again and again. I think since I have so much free time, I tend to keep on thinking unnecessary things.


Right, don't want to waste time on social media anymore. Sebab social media buat rasa camtu. In order to make sure of that, I uninstalled Facebook from my phone. I am so gonna save myself from wasting more time.

I want to read books.
I want to memorize surahs. (target Al-Mulk and Sajadah)

Two things that I wanna do so much before but keeping on giving excuse. Konon takde masa?

Jadi sekarang la waktunya.
Waktu lapang sebegini bukannnya selalu datang.

Nanti dah kerja mesti banyak komitmen lain.

Make full use of this time, Maicher.

P/s: What a happy phase of life. Kanbest kalau posting je kat Lipis ni. Doa Mai, doa. Allah tau, Allah dengar. :)