Monday, February 25, 2013

250 bucks.

Today I went to Seremban town to spend my 250 worth voucher buku.

As my baby brother, Adil, 8 year old boy, asked me to buy him a set of colour pencils, I gave him a call to ask what kind of colour pencils does he want.

"Adil nak kaler yang macam mana? Kakak tak ingat Adil cakap haritu."

He replied.

"Nak Stabilo. Kalau takde, nak Faber Castell grip 24."

I asked, "grip 24?"

"Yang ada grip, 24 pieces."

Ah, kids nowadays. I don't even know that when I was 8. -____________-'

p/s: Thanks Govt. Sayang awak ketat-ketat sebab bagi kita voucher.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Of Maria Elena.

I used to hate Maria Elena so much. Because I think shes been overreacting.

But since people are talking about her here and there, I give myself a chance to read her blog. And it turned out that I actually like her. And only then I started to watch her videos. This woman is so my type!

Motif pukul 12.41am post entry just nak bagitau kau suka Maria Elena?

Har har har. Actually I want to tell the world that I just found out that I could actually fall in love (read: like) people by the way they write.

I've been reading this blog of a stranger and I feel kind of motivated with his words and life experience. You might think this post is just a rambling(since it's already 12.54am in the morning) but I kid you not. I am serious to death. *death stare*

I like people who could write good stuff. Stuff that could lift up my spirit without using those boring nerdy choices of words. Type wholeheartedly instead of being too optimistic. 

I hope I'll get the chance to meet these kind of people in the future. Uuu can't wait to meet the future me. Lol.

Whoaa dah pukul 1.07am. Bam bam that's it, goodnight!

By the way, she replied to me few days back. Tralalala~~


Saturday, February 9, 2013


Ka-ching is an imitation of the sound made by cash register, used when someone's action will result in more money whatsoeva apa aku merepak taktahu.

Okay before I proceed, I'd like to show all o'ya something.

Hikhikhik look at what we have here. Request for a post? Wow, I feel lika honeystar popstar! Mihmihmih. K scratch that, so this is it, a post exclusively written for ya Faizah. :D

Just to make sure I won't go astray from what I've been supposed to write, I'll make it like this.

  • she wants to know my budget plan
  • and how I spent my money
Okay lagi jelas kan macam ni. Pergh macam kena buat essay kat section C continuous  writing masa SPM pulak nak point out key words bagai. Wakakaka.

Alright budget plan. Hmm if you define budget plan as how one should set the financial budget, divide the money (divide as in buat partion), set brapa banyak in every partion and plan apa nak beli, set the goal, and whatnot, my answer would be, nope, I don't have one.  

Okay this is my way. Everytime dapat segedabak allowance setiap sem (thanks the Govt. for this tapi kalau allowance naik lagi rasa nak thanks hihi) I'll transfer some of the money to another acc. And I have a rule set by myself, once dah transfer, kau tak boleh guna. Ni kira for future use. Future= 5 years time. In between that, pepandai la survive. Eceh.

Jadi, amount yang aku save automatically jadik tak banyak sebab rule yang aku set tu agak membebankan since dah masuk takleh withdraw dalam masa terdekat. Only MYR 500 every sem. Memandangkan for a sem we are given around MYR 3.2k, there left another MYR 2.7k. 

Normally, I'll spent around MYR 15 untuk makan sehari. Kadang² tak sampai pon, kadang² terlebih. So average dia senang kira MYR 15. So for a month, dah MYR 450 untuk makan ja. Phewhh. MYR 450 didarabkan untuk 5 bulan, err emm lebih kurang MYR 2.2k. 

Sekarang ada lagi MYR 500 tinggal. Yang tinggal ni ikut suka liver aku nak beli apa. Aku ni boleh tahan boros jugak. K bukan boleh tahan boros tapi memang boros, suka shopping ngaak. Kalau aku rasa suka dan mampu, aku akan beli. Pastuh mula la datang perasaan 'ergh kenapa la aku beli benda ni' hmm benci perasaan itu. 

Tak dilupa, aku jugak dapat extra MYR 800 (allowance buku) every year. Yang ni la untuk beli buku + stationery, bayar duit kelas, reload kad TnG untuk balik rumah lol and yada yada tapi normally akan ada lebih. Yang lebih tu aku hadiahkan kat diri aku. Suka hati nak spent macam mana. Ha nampak tak aku sangat  memanjakan diri dekat situ. (jangan contohi)

Sebenarnya aku tak meticulous sangat dalam menguruskan kewangan ni. Sebab aku selalu rasa macam kita boleh mati bila-bila je. Takyah nak berjimat sangat dalam berbelanja. Kalau rasa nak something and you're obviously could afford (afford here is you don't have to ikat perut makan langsir sebab beli smartphone or etc)  that, beli je. Serious, beli je.

Rasanya soalan yang 'how you spent your money' pon dah terjawab kan. So all in all, dalam bahasa mudahnya, aku hanya simpan MYR 500 setiap sem. Yang selebihnya, di spent kan macam yang diceritakan tadi.  

Akhir kata, berbelanja jangan sampai boros, berjimat jangan sampai kedekut. Aku benci orang kedekut. Hahaha. Kalau ada duit lebih, jangan lupa sedekah. Baru barokah sket duit yang kita dapat. Not solely spent on ourselves ja. Baru remaja macam ni.

K, aku rasa tu ja kot nak cakap. Aiseh terpanjang plak. Maklum la syok first time ada request post kakaka. Anyone kalau rasa nak request gak, please, you're most welcome to do so. Apalagi waktu sekarang sebab cuti CNY seminggu oink oink.

K, semoga kita terhindar dari sifat membazir syaitoon dan sifat kedekut syaitoon. Pendek kata semua sifat jahat syaitoon.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Little things.

Tadi ada gap sekejap after kelas Moral (yes you heard me, my minor for this sem is Moral. More on that later). So my muslim friends asked me to perform solat dhuha sementara nak tunggu next class. They went to Bais(Balai Islam as in surau), I went to my room. (as I don't like using public telekung hihihi.)

Then, I got a call. Missed call to be precise sebab my phone was in silent mode so I didn't notice. It's from Nadia (a classmate of mine).

As I tengok phone masa dah nak sampai kelas, I didn't return the call and simply asked her why.

This was what she replied,

" I went to cafe and I saw your favorite sandwich. I called to ask you nak ke tak but then you didn't answer ".

Aww so sweet. Shes being thoughtful isn't she? As far as I can remember, I've never tell her what kind of sandwich that I like or etc. I can see that shes paying attention here.

And I like people who care for me. Well, who didn't aite?

You really have nothing much to say/do because often, it's the little things that matters.

Actually there are a lot of stories I'd like to tell regarding this 'little things' stuff. But I don't plan to make this post too long so I'll stop. In the next post perhaps? And more about my classmates wink! wink!

This is her. A christian, and Ibanese. Yeah, taken too.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

You know you're the number one for me!

I was a foolish little child,
crazy things I used to do,
and all the pain I put you through,
mama now I'm here for you.

I've been owing someone so much that it takes KakMah's 24k carat ring to pay them. (k gurau je hikhik jangan mawah ittew)
Tapi point dia tulah, memang sampai bebila pon den tak mampu nak bayau.

Dari segi masa, wang, attention dan segalanya. 

So, the best thing that I could do is sending these two important people in my life Al-Fatihah every single day.
This could mean so much if they know. But it's better if they don't know. They must feel so surprised, on one fine day. InsyaAllah.

Perhaps if you're feeling the same thing as mine, you could do this too?

p/s: Plus, it widen the pintu rezeki of yours. Please include this habit in your everyday must-thing-to-do list. Baca sat ja afta solat subuh tu dan rasakan impak maksimanya!