Sunday, February 3, 2013

You know you're the number one for me!

I was a foolish little child,
crazy things I used to do,
and all the pain I put you through,
mama now I'm here for you.

I've been owing someone so much that it takes KakMah's 24k carat ring to pay them. (k gurau je hikhik jangan mawah ittew)
Tapi point dia tulah, memang sampai bebila pon den tak mampu nak bayau.

Dari segi masa, wang, attention dan segalanya. 

So, the best thing that I could do is sending these two important people in my life Al-Fatihah every single day.
This could mean so much if they know. But it's better if they don't know. They must feel so surprised, on one fine day. InsyaAllah.

Perhaps if you're feeling the same thing as mine, you could do this too?

p/s: Plus, it widen the pintu rezeki of yours. Please include this habit in your everyday must-thing-to-do list. Baca sat ja afta solat subuh tu dan rasakan impak maksimanya!


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