Saturday, February 16, 2013

Of Maria Elena.

I used to hate Maria Elena so much. Because I think shes been overreacting.

But since people are talking about her here and there, I give myself a chance to read her blog. And it turned out that I actually like her. And only then I started to watch her videos. This woman is so my type!

Motif pukul 12.41am post entry just nak bagitau kau suka Maria Elena?

Har har har. Actually I want to tell the world that I just found out that I could actually fall in love (read: like) people by the way they write.

I've been reading this blog of a stranger and I feel kind of motivated with his words and life experience. You might think this post is just a rambling(since it's already 12.54am in the morning) but I kid you not. I am serious to death. *death stare*

I like people who could write good stuff. Stuff that could lift up my spirit without using those boring nerdy choices of words. Type wholeheartedly instead of being too optimistic. 

I hope I'll get the chance to meet these kind of people in the future. Uuu can't wait to meet the future me. Lol.

Whoaa dah pukul 1.07am. Bam bam that's it, goodnight!

By the way, she replied to me few days back. Tralalala~~



Faiqah Umaira said...

Yup, saya taklah suka sangat tengok dia dalam video. Tapi saya suka dia lepas baca blog dia.


But yeah she's so cute!

Maicher said...

aah kan. dia cute sangat! :D