Thursday, February 7, 2013

Little things.

Tadi ada gap sekejap after kelas Moral (yes you heard me, my minor for this sem is Moral. More on that later). So my muslim friends asked me to perform solat dhuha sementara nak tunggu next class. They went to Bais(Balai Islam as in surau), I went to my room. (as I don't like using public telekung hihihi.)

Then, I got a call. Missed call to be precise sebab my phone was in silent mode so I didn't notice. It's from Nadia (a classmate of mine).

As I tengok phone masa dah nak sampai kelas, I didn't return the call and simply asked her why.

This was what she replied,

" I went to cafe and I saw your favorite sandwich. I called to ask you nak ke tak but then you didn't answer ".

Aww so sweet. Shes being thoughtful isn't she? As far as I can remember, I've never tell her what kind of sandwich that I like or etc. I can see that shes paying attention here.

And I like people who care for me. Well, who didn't aite?

You really have nothing much to say/do because often, it's the little things that matters.

Actually there are a lot of stories I'd like to tell regarding this 'little things' stuff. But I don't plan to make this post too long so I'll stop. In the next post perhaps? And more about my classmates wink! wink!

This is her. A christian, and Ibanese. Yeah, taken too.



asliner said...

yes, itulah di namakan sahabat..=)
little things about us die tahu.

Maicher said...

kak as. lagi best sebab kitorang tak rapat sangat. few days ni baru rapat and dia dah tau dah apa kita suka tak suka. ^__^

syahira yusof said...

Aik..mcmner leh kenal lina ni bestfren time matrim kot.hehe

Maicher said...

Syira. hahah kenal through alam maya ja. kuikuikui

Limin said...

teman nyata lebih bermakna dan memahami berbanding teman alam maya... xD.. hehehe...

Noor Faizah said...

On a personal thought, I think that she's beautiful.

Idk, dont blame me for that.Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

And Im not lesbo (as some people said).Never. kbai

Maicher said...

faizah. she is anyway ;)