Sunday, November 27, 2016


Sometimes, the only way for us to know how bad we've hurt someone is to get hurt the same way ourselves.

Friends always recognized me as a happy go lucky girl, cheerful and that kinda girl whose life is always filled with flowers and unicorns like all of the time.

Joy even said to me the last time we met.

"Mai why you look so upset? This is so not you."

This is so unhealthy. The way people see me.

There must be times I'm facing difficulties in life too, my friend. I just decided not to share em on net. Thus, you guys assuming I have a wonderful life tak pernah sedih?

Wrong. That is so wrong on so many levels.

I too, am a human.

Just like glass. Fragile.

P/s: On an unrelated note, I've promised myself to be beneficial to others. Positive post, grateful post on social media by me, is actually me, doing my part of not sharing negativity into other people's life. Let us all share positive happy things. For this world desperately needs stuff like that. But this post is an exceptional la weh bagi can la weh I wanted to explain to the world. Erk (?)

Thursday, November 17, 2016


I've been saying hasbunallahwani'malwakeel to me lately.


Satu lagi perkataan yang senang diutarakan dibibir namun sukar dilaksanakan bila tang perbuatan.

Sebenarnya, konsep tawakkal ni bukan mudah.

Kena redha, percaya betul betul dan yakin untuk serahkan semua urusan padaNya, baik sebelum atau selepas benda dah jadi.

Tapi ingat, jangan hanya cakap serah itu di mulut, kerana jika ia hanya di mulut, kesannya adalah jiwa kita takkan berteman dengan ketenangan.

It's not in your hand anymore. It never was.

P/s: Result UPSR jatuh teruk harini. Takde sorang pun dapat 6A di sekolahku.

Stay strong.



Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Carpe Diem!

Sejak berkhidmat di negeri Johor Darul Takzim, post ini adalah post pertama Maicher. :')

Bukanlah busy jugak, tapi lebih kepada sifat mazmumah yang tidak rajin untuk menaip apa-apa . :')
(Pastu nyesal tak type sebab nanti memang sah-sah lupa semua yang dah berlaku di masa mendatang)

Ok back to bussiness.

Selama sebulan lebih di negeri ini, apa yang boleh aku cakap, I AM BLESSED.

Serious rasa syukur sangat. Dapat sekolah best, housemate best, and Johor ni pun sebenarnya best. Apa yang bleh aku simpulkan dengan pengalaman yang ciput ni, Johor memang best.

Bergambo dengan pagar sekolah la satu.

Home sweet home. Sewa pun sweet jugak :')

Sesungguhnya, banyak tempat menarik yang bleh dikunjungi di negeri ini. Aicewwah gaya macam promoter Cuti-Cuti Johor pula. Kuikuikui. Setakat ni, aku dah cover Kilang Bateri, Kopi Keju, Danga Bay, Kampung Melayu Majidee (murtabak cheese dia ze best!!), Bazar Karat. Yang lain-lain tu sekadar mall biasa je takde beza ngan tempat lain. Looking forward to explore more places soon. Tunggu gaji je ni serious. :p

Walaupun pada mulanya agak kecewa tak dapat negeri yang didamba iaitu Pahang Darul Awesome, namun segala yang berlaku tu kan berhikmah? Sekarang ni memang bleh nampak banyak hikmahnya. Yang penting teruskan saja hidup dengan riang dan gembira.

P/s: Percaya, tidak ada yang sia-sia pada percaturanNya..



Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bangsa Johor.

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

Penantian berbulan lamanya berakhir dengan berita baik. I got Johor people!

It baffles me so much that I don't feel anything about getting posted to Johor. Happy tak jugak sedih tak jugak but one thing for sure is, I am grateful. Totally grateful.

Grateful that I finally got posted. 10 months at home was tiring (tired sebab I'm waiting) but oh boy I am so gonna miss this carefree feeling!

I  really  really really live my life to the fullest. I rest enough, I read enough, I watch tv enough. Tolong ibu je cam tak enough? -___-

Nevertheless, it's time now to berbakti kepada anak bangsa. I really mean this.

Let's go people. Let's go save the world!

"Pendidikan Berkualiti, Insan Terdidik, Negara Sejahtera"


P/s: To those who haven't got posted, hang in there. Have faith. Our thought and prayers are always with you. Tak best pun sebenarnya bila kita posting tapi ada kawan tak posting. So let us all keep praying to Him as He knows best.

Monday, June 27, 2016

I Am Sorry, Syrian.

#Ramadhan1437H day 22.

When we just can't afford to be there and fight for them to defend themselves, keep them in our doa, every single time pass by any solah. May Allah azza wajalla, The Most Merciful favor and granted the doa for the sake of not only them, but we ourselves as well.


Source: Green Project Facebook Page (

P/s: How can people think there will be no reckoning and a day when they will be accounted to things they did after seeing this innocent child and millions of others being murdered like this?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Diari Ramadhan Maicher

We've reached the second phase of Ramadhan for this year, Alhamdulillah..

May we constantly istiqamah in doing our ibadah.

Let's force ourself to do lots of good deeds. This month is something. Every good deeds we do will be rewarded multiply by 10 - 700 pahala. Allahuakbar! Mega sale!! Who doesn't love mega sale you tell me!

Ada hadis sebut : كل عمل ابن آدم يضاعف له والحسنة بعشر أمثالها إلى سبعمئة ضعف
Setiap amalan anak adam dilipatgandakan satu kebaikan bersamaan 10 ganda hingga 700 pahala

Riwayat: Ibn Majah.

Insya Allah, together, we strive for His love and blessing.

Here's just few Ramadhan tips that I'd like to share.

Ramadhan kareem yallsss!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Book Review: Reclaim Your Heart

Alright, this time my post is gonna be about a book I recently finished reading.

Bought it last year tapi baru habis baca semalam. :p

If I were to rate this book from a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 is the highest point, I'd give 9.

Yeap, thaaaat good.

This book basically discusses about love, loss, attachment, pain, happiness and relationship with the creator. I love on how Yasmin managed to provide me a new perspective on how I see things and it helped me reflect deeper about this temporary life, this dunya.

There are few chapters that really caught my eyes and my heart. But on this post, I wanted to focus on this part with you; of forgiving others.

As we all know, the daughter of Abu Bakar, has been slandered in the worst way and it was called Hadithul Ifqi. Fitnah ini adalah fitnah terbesar dalam sejarah Islam.

Abu Bakar (r) found out that the man who began the rumour was Mistah, a cousin who Abu Bakar had been supporting financially.

Sebagai manusia normal yang punya hati dan perasaan, selepas kejadian ini, Abu Bakar berhenti tolong Mistah dah. Sehinggalah Allah turunkan firman dalam surah An-Nur, 24, ayat ke 22.

Dan janganlah orang-orang yang berharta serta lapang hidupnya dari kalangan kamu, bersumpah tidak mahu lagi memberi bantuan kepada kaum kerabat dan orang-orang miskin serta orang-orang yang berhijrah pada jalan Allah; dan (sebaliknya) hendaklah mereka memaafkan serta melupakan kesalahan orang-orang itu; tidakkah kamu suka supaya Allah mengampunkan dosa kamu? Dan (ingatlah) Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Mengasihani.

Upon hearing this ayah, Abu Bakar resolved that he did want Allah's forgiveness. Dia lantas meneruskan memberi Mistah duit malah menambah lagi jumlahnya.

Walah! This type of forgiveness is at the very heart of being a believer. What Mistah did is undeniably sucks. But, Abu Bakar was more afraid of Allah.

The ability to readily forgive should be driven by an awareness of our own flaws and mistakes. Who are we to withhold forgiveness? If we hope to be forgiven by Allah, how can we not forgive others?

It's for this reason Prophet pbuh teaches us; "Those who show no mercy to others will have no mercy shown to them by Allah." [Muslim]

Thus let's forgive others! (even if it's hard)

Theres a few more interesting chapters I wanna share but it would be a longggg post pulak. Thus I highly recommend you people to grab this book and read it!

May Allah bless.

P/s: I gave this book 9 outta 10 because I don't like the font. That's where it loses another 1 point ngaaak.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Get Up!

Rise and fall of being a human, are common. Sure it feels great to be on top. But inevitably, we will be surely experiencing the downfall too.

Just one thing I would love to remind my present and future self. During the fall, please rise as soon as possible. Don't dwell too long in this phase.

Get up!

Cuz being sad is such a waste of time.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Whatever happens, happens.

It's tiring to think over something that you can't control.

Have you tried your best? Yes.
Is there anything in your power that you can do? No.

Then let it pass.

It's time to make dua. A lot of it. For dua is like a sharp shooting bullets that never miss!


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Another lost.

Who would have thought that in 2016, we'll be losing two uncles at a time.

Indeed, life is unpredictable.


From Allah we came, to Allah we shall return.

What caught my attention during the funeral was, when the one that managing all the procedures of mandikan mayat, kapankan mayat, said to the children of my late uncle.

He said (more less like these, after rephrasing it),

"Now that your father has dead, remember to always pray for him. He is now helpless. Nothing could him nimore in the next life. Only your prayer and sedekah could help him. Be a good daughter. That would help your father too. Read quran, and niatkan for your father. He is gonna be alone in there. Alam kubur is a scary place. You don't want your father to be terrified. Help him."

And then, all us cryyyyyyyy. Who would've stand listening to all that when in front of them is their late father's corpse.

May we bear that in mind. Death is certain.

Make sure we do things in life that's gonna help us in the next life.

Al-fatihah to him. Ayan Din in memory...

Friday, March 11, 2016


Tak cukup dengan menunggu posting yang tak kunjung tiba, life keeps on giving me lemons. I'm gonna list down all the lemons I'm currently dealing.

1. External hard disk can't be detected. I'm still hoping it's just the cable. #prayhard all the pictures are in there I'm so gonna cry a river if it's all gone.

2. It took me several times of pressing the power button to turn on the laptop. Yeap, has Googled it. Not a good sign, not a good sign. Sabar dulu, laptop. I don't have the money don't do this.

3. Penutup printer patah. It's now harder for the external cartridge to be detected.

As for now, that are all. :)

I'm okay. I'm okay.

To be thinking it again, at least I'm still breathing right? What can beat a healthy heart that is still working perfectly fine? Nada. Nada.

Be grateful, myself. Be grateful.
Always be grateful despite all of the life tests Allah has given you.

Theres silver lining in every cloud.


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Widen The Horizon.

Girlfriend called last night. Was on the phone almost an hour before I call it off. (sebab nak solat Isya')

I am not a phone person. More of a texter. Give me more time to think and an appropriate reply. Plus maybe because I can't hear the other party clearly thus made me asking them, Huh, what? Gila annoying rightttt? -_-

Or sometimes I just laugh, not wanting to ask them, repeatedly. And apparently I realized that person was asking question. Lels. Told ya I'm a bad phone conversationalist.

Ok that is just the introduction.

What intrigue me to wrote this post is, she told me something I've found to worth sharing.

My friend here is a Sarawakian. Been studying in Negeri Sembilan for 5 years. Been interacting with the west Malaysians like every day.

So one day her mom told her how she didn't like orang semenanjung. This and that and that that that.

She, being the one who has went out of Sarawak said, no mom. Not all semenanjung people are like that. What you've met can't generalized all people liddat. Not fair.

So here I really think she did a great job. We don't get to judge certain races just because we've met some bad people of that race. Cuz that person doesn't represent the rest.


Generally I think, the dasar to make the west Malaysians and East Malaysians mix was a great success. I have a Sarawakian bestfriend whom I've never imagining having one before.

Life is indeed, is full of surprise.



Thursday, February 25, 2016

That Feeling.

Ain't a certify teacher yet.
Haven't produced any successful students yet.
BUT, this, it felt so real. 

Rasa macam budak darjah 6 say thanks to me sebab dapat 5A :')

May Allah bless you my friend.
This friend o mine is in a journey to be a life saver. A doctor.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fear Allah.

And whoever fears Allah - He will make for him a way out. And will provide for him from where he does not expect. And whoever relies upon Allah - then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent.

Posting Where Are You?

Late I've been thinking about my posting like all the time.

Time nak makan, "Hm bila nak posting ni?"
Bangun tido, "Bila agaknya posting ni?"
Tengok movie, "Posting bila lah ni?"

Like almost all the time. It stuck to my head. I kept on thinking about it even I didn't even want to. Craze.

There must be something that Allah has planned for me and the rest of my friends, right? I believe that. There must be!

Hmm, daripada berfikir sesuatu yang tidak pasti malah di luar kawalan sang manusiawi marhaen cam aku ni, baik fikir what to do to fill the free time kan?

So far, I've tried:-

1. Small business.
2. Home-tutoring.
3. Tried all the bizarre recipes on net.
4. Read books. Watch movies.
5. Wrote a cerpen.
6. Wasting time, again, and over again. :(

This is a cheese cake topped with shredded mozzarella. A kid brought this when I'm home tutoring. At least this cheered me up. :)

P/s: Even when you're in times of hardship, there must be something to be thankful for. Spot it. Cuz. There. Must. Be.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Brother J100: Black Ink Not Detected

Sebelum ini saya pengguna printer Canon MP 258. Namun setelah bertahun bersama, saya dah penat bersabar dengannya. Saya akui ia banyak berbakti kepada saya. Tapi saya tak boleh terus menerus bersamanya dalam hati yang sering disakiti.

Asal nak print assignment je, dia buat hal. Langsung taknak kompromi. Kemuncak dia buat hal bila tengah praktikum 2 tahun 2014. Saya nekad. Jika begini saya cari printer lain sajelah. Dah masanya saya lepaskan dia pergi.....

Lalu saya beli lah printer Brother J100 ini.

Dah lebih setahun setengah saya bersama Brother J100 ni sekarang, Hari-hari saya berjalan dengan baik dan indah. Tiada lagi masalah.

Tapi sebenarnya saya yang try hard fikir positif. Rupanya ada jugak masalah danggg.
Masalah dia taknak detect black ink. Like why???? Whyyyyy you do this to meee? Hah over terus.

Only then saya dapat kenalpasti penyelesaian kepada masalah ini. Mudah saja rupanya.

Ini trick nya:

Lepas kita dah insert semua ink catridge external tu, akan keluar blank ink not detected kan? Pada saat itu, keluarkan black ink external tu.

Kemudian, insert black ink catridge yang original. Now see the magic?

Then keluarkan balik catridge original, masuk catridge (tank) external.

Settle! Selesai satu masalah :')

Tips penjagaan printer:
1. Selalu lah buat clean head printer.
2. Jangan guna kertas nipis.
3. Jangan guna external ink. (tapi impossible la kan? Kita student tak mampu deknon beli ink catridge original huhu)

P/s: Jangan perlakukan manusia macam printer. Cuba baiki dahulu sehabis cuba jangan mudah cari lain. Eh


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Selamat Tinggal, Ayah Ngoh.

It's been 3 days since the last time I saw him, my late uncle.

He's now in his way to a better place,
Di sisi Yang Maha Punya Segala Jiwa.


Th last photo we had together. 
We don't usually take photo but when we did, it's the last one. :(