Sunday, February 28, 2016

Widen The Horizon.

Girlfriend called last night. Was on the phone almost an hour before I call it off. (sebab nak solat Isya')

I am not a phone person. More of a texter. Give me more time to think and an appropriate reply. Plus maybe because I can't hear the other party clearly thus made me asking them, Huh, what? Gila annoying rightttt? -_-

Or sometimes I just laugh, not wanting to ask them, repeatedly. And apparently I realized that person was asking question. Lels. Told ya I'm a bad phone conversationalist.

Ok that is just the introduction.

What intrigue me to wrote this post is, she told me something I've found to worth sharing.

My friend here is a Sarawakian. Been studying in Negeri Sembilan for 5 years. Been interacting with the west Malaysians like every day.

So one day her mom told her how she didn't like orang semenanjung. This and that and that that that.

She, being the one who has went out of Sarawak said, no mom. Not all semenanjung people are like that. What you've met can't generalized all people liddat. Not fair.

So here I really think she did a great job. We don't get to judge certain races just because we've met some bad people of that race. Cuz that person doesn't represent the rest.


Generally I think, the dasar to make the west Malaysians and East Malaysians mix was a great success. I have a Sarawakian bestfriend whom I've never imagining having one before.

Life is indeed, is full of surprise.




Ninie said...

I have loads of friends from Sarawak and Sabah too and love them all. Plus, I am close to my housemate here, she a Sabahan and we've been travelling everywhere together. Well, it's true...we can't judge anything as a group. Everything is individual.

P/S: Rindu maicher...lama x bertanya khabar. Hope you're doing fine. Referring to your previous question, I've been attached to a public university as a junior lecturer since 2013. Then after a year or so, I was sent pursue my PhD. Forcefully, to be honest...haha. Because I couldn't do it locally, must go abroad. So now I am getting used to my destiny, being here...kih3. Pasrah dah. Would love to get your email so I can contact you personally, more often.....Muah!!!

Maicher said...


Ninie said...

Noted...TQ tau!