Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Posting Where Are You?

Late I've been thinking about my posting like all the time.

Time nak makan, "Hm bila nak posting ni?"
Bangun tido, "Bila agaknya posting ni?"
Tengok movie, "Posting bila lah ni?"

Like almost all the time. It stuck to my head. I kept on thinking about it even I didn't even want to. Craze.

There must be something that Allah has planned for me and the rest of my friends, right? I believe that. There must be!

Hmm, daripada berfikir sesuatu yang tidak pasti malah di luar kawalan sang manusiawi marhaen cam aku ni, baik fikir what to do to fill the free time kan?

So far, I've tried:-

1. Small business.
2. Home-tutoring.
3. Tried all the bizarre recipes on net.
4. Read books. Watch movies.
5. Wrote a cerpen.
6. Wasting time, again, and over again. :(

This is a cheese cake topped with shredded mozzarella. A kid brought this when I'm home tutoring. At least this cheered me up. :)

P/s: Even when you're in times of hardship, there must be something to be thankful for. Spot it. Cuz. There. Must. Be.



Aliah Ginger said...

Bestnya jadi home tutor. InsyaAllah ada hikmah kita posting lambat :)

Maicher said...

Insya Allah. Pray hard :)