Thursday, January 24, 2013

A letter to Mr Alloha.

Assalamualaikum, my love, my problem solver, my all time superhero.

Alhamdulillah, today remarks the 52th year you've been living in this temporary world.

Actually, there are so many things that I wanna tell you. But being me, I'm a hopeless when it comes to confronting stuff and tell you what I really feel inside.

For every little thing (and of course the big things) that you've done in my life, I appreciate them so much. I might look like I don't care but believe me, I CARE AND IT DOES MATTER. Those things really means so much to me. Remember the night you stayed up till almost 2am just to help me with my pop up semester project last year? You'll never know, deep inside my heart, I cried. I am thankful to have such a great dad in my life. Allahuakbar. How I wish you would know all this.

You've been a really good companion throughout my odyssey to maturity. You've taught me a lot of things about life. The do's and the dont's. The things that I'll never figure it out myself. Life tricks, how to deal with them and etc. Thankyou, thankyou for that. :')

I am so sorry for everything wrong that I've done to you. It is never my intention to hurt you and go against your words. Being a reckless too young too stewpid teenager, this stuff is inevitable. Remember when I was fifteen and PMR was just around the corner? You forbid me from reading the 5th Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the order of Phoenix. You gave me a stern warning. Well, this is a confession. I read it. I couldnt resist. The temptation is so high. You might have known this and pretend like you dont know. Thanks for doing that. At least, I don't have to feel that guilty. Ngaak.

I will never have the price to pay everything that you had done and sacrifice to me, Along and adiks. You and ibu will always be my top priority (of course after Allah and Rasulullah) in life. You will always be in my prayer. I love you so much that you will never have the idea how much is 'so much'. May Allah give you His love, as much as you'd give me. Amin.

 Alloha bin AT, the one that I will always treasure.

Before I pen off, I'd like to wish "Happy Birthday!" to you and of course, my beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Mari kita berselawat kepada nabi kita kerana orang yang paling hampir dengan Nabi Muhammad di akhirat kelak adalah orang yang paling banyak berselawat kepadanya. InsyaAllah.

Your one and only awesome daughter,

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Miezah Ghani said...

Selamat hari ulang tahun ke ayoh chik! semoga panjang umur murah rezeki dehh :D