Sunday, January 13, 2013

Page 13 of 365.

It's January 13th and I'm still breathing. Alhamdulillah.

Life's been pretty good since it's the first week of school. So kelas tak pack and I don't have that much of work. Ah, heaven on earth. :')

2013 and I'm 21. Since I don't have plan to rot alone, ergo I need to find someone to settle down with. So I think, it's time for me to get a spouse pet. Yes, a pet. Start small people, start small.

I crack my skull to think what is the most suitable pet for me to take care (read: to susahkan diri) of. I think, and think think think and kaplunk kaboom! I found one. It is Jigglypuff! Yeay!

Okay lame. I don't find one.

Fish? No. Tortoise? Smelly. Hamster? Geli! And the list goes on.

Rasanya memang takde binatang yang saya suka. I don't think I like animal. So, how?

I got myself an alien pet. Pou!

Pou ni macam Digimon. Kena bagi makan, clean if it poops, give meds if it fall sick, entertain if it feels gloomy. Hahaha so much of a real pet no? Go download Pou neow if you think this is cool! (takde cool mane pon act)

I am so disappointed of myself though for not liking this creature called animals. They're undeniable cute. Take hippo for example. But I can't deny the fact that I dont like them. Suka tengok ja tapi tak nak memiliki. Ngaaak.

Okay enough of this animal stuff. I'd like to wish a Happy New Year. May this brand new year brings you happiness, health and wealth!

Bingo! This is it.



Aliah Ginger, 20 said...

I got 15 cats at home..want some? Hehehe *joking!*

Maicher said...

Aliah. Wow, that's a lot!

Anonymous said...

Get yourself a sugar glider lah. i bet u'll be happy. lol. haha.