Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Maicher on Metro!

I know I should post this earlier because, people say, kalau benda best tapi cerita lambat, the anticipation is no longer there ain't it?

But too bad I'm so busy that I only sleep 2-3 hours a day. Crazy. I hate this sem. Nevermind, proceed on the main thing now.

As obvious as on the title, I was on Harian Metro last Sunday (12/8/2012) ! Weeeee! Proove? Ni haaaa.

Credit goes to my junior, Fendi. Thanks for the twitpic! ^^

The most common question people asked me was, "How could you be on Metro Maiiiii????" "How? How?" "You send resume or what?" *okay that one is funny :p"

Alrite, it's like this.

There's this one reporter. She's seeking for people who have hobi yang macam rare untuk buat artikel kat ruangan hobi. (You know there's a ruangan hobi if u're Metro avid reader. Honestly, I just knew about the existence on that column :p )

So she googled about kad raya since sekarang kan bulan puasa, so sesuai lah kan tulis pasal hobi mengumpul kad raya for that week punya edisi.

Surprisingly, she found my blog yang entry ni. Adededededeh malu gila bila baca balik entry tuh. Sounds so errr, sounds so apa eh, errrr. Poser maybe. *_*

Then, she contacted me through email. Lucky I put my email on that tab above. *So now you know the importance of putting your email*

It took two weeks after the interview for me to come out on the news. 

That is all. End of story. ;)


p/s: Do write benefit stuff. You will never know what life is offering you in front.