Friday, July 13, 2012

Memories overflooded!

Wooo it's 1.05am man! And what am I doing at this hour? Another midnight rambling? +.+'

It's actually because tadi trending pasal #SoalanPalingFemesDekatSekolah kat twitter. So I just wanna reminisce my days, 3-4 years back then. There, I've screenshot-ed them all. :p

Theres a lot. This is just some of it.

"I don't remember days. I remember memories." - Quoted from a school magazine.

p/s: I know who will I give this book to. It's Sis Cha. In case if you read this, email me your address kayh sis! Just so you know that I don't own that book. Yang baca haritu pinjam yang orang. So consider yourself lucky cuz I'll get (read: buy) that book for you. :)

Oh it's 1.18am. Adios. Oyasuminasai.


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