Saturday, December 10, 2011

Memories are unique.

I'm thinking of having my own handycam.

No, I'm not going to be a youtuber or anything. I just want to preserve any wonderful moments that happens in my life.

Because you know, memories are unique. That's why capturing them is so important. At least for me.


I can't stand looking at the picture above. It is mouth watering.

Sometimes my conscience told me.

"Buat apa nak beli handycam? Kan dah ada camera?"
Tapi camera kualiti dia tak bagus. I mean not as good as handycam.
"Tak bagus Mai cakap? Camera tu HD kan?"
Memang la. Tapi lain.

But I think it's not relevant if I'm about to buy it. It's quite expensive by the way. I can't get it by just spending 2-3 buck aite? 

Plus, I already have HD Sony camera. It's enough for now I guess. FOR NOW.

InsyaAllah I'll get myself one, once I get my salary 4 years in time.
4 years? Hmm, yawnnn.

p/s: Gila laju pageviews video sembang rakyat tu gerak. Last time aku tengok baru 302 views. Pastuh second time dah 10, 132. What an acievement. Haha.


cha zainol said...

hoi. sila jeles. aku beli dulu lah nnt :)

Maicher said...

fine laaa T.T

NZ Diaz said...

tak nak la. nanti tak bergerak maju kehadapan. sibuk tengok video. haha

What an acievement. Haha. XD

Anonymous said...
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