Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Because Malaysia won.

" Kejayaan itu semanis makan coklat" 

That was what written on a chocolate wrapper that my teacher gave me few years back.
I guess I am feeling it, yesterday. 

Who wouldn't happy when their country had won gold medal for football in Sea Games 2011. If you say no, you better get your ass off from Malaysia. Sorry for being harsh.

KFCM is trending worldwide kat Twitter baq hang!

Well of course, my news feed and timeline were full with euphoric expressing from the Malaysian. Nevertheless, I did found several annoying status. 

Nahh, look what we have here. Didn't she/he knows that we won gold medal? We are number one out of 11 country. Man, you're a complete loser. Sorry. I am lacking of fantastic vocabulary to describe what I am feeling towards you.

I am sorry for being so emotional. Truly sorry. It's just that I love my country. 

p/s: Thinking of commenting Boo to those statues. But I didn't. I knew someone else would.



NZ Diaz said...

50+ country? mana datang banyak tu? SEA ada 11 negara je kut. haha

tapi budak tu memang T_T

Maicher said...

my bad. tu sukan asia kot T.T
corrected, thanks btw.

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

best giler cuma kalau guna peluang betul2 mesti dah banyak boleh sumbat gol mlm tu

Nurul Iman Rosman said...

yeahhh, Malaysia menang! :D

cha zainol said...

die bukan Malaysian kot. haiiish.

Maicher said...

aku pun rasa macam tu la. haha