Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fever attack.


It's raining outside.
Head is heavy. Face is burning. Fluid of you-know-what is dribbling non-stop from the morning. Body temperature is above 37 Celsius.

What are those signs indicating then?
Yes, you smart reader.
I'm not well.

Well I'm telling this to whoever-you-might-be to pray for me.
I'm begging. (err..isn't this too much?)
As this week will be a hectic week. I need to be 100% healthy.
With such condition, I can't give my best in what so ever I do.
So, I really need to be HEALTHY.

Maybe this is a test from Him.
Reminding me that I've done things that bring me far apart from Him.
Astaghrufilullah.. (which more less means, I'm sorry Ya Allah)
My friend had once told me that "kesakitan tu insya-Allah sebagai penghapus dosa-dosa kecil kita".

I still remember it.
Wallahualam..till then.



fifianggun said...

maisarah,,,,get well soon!!!dengar cakap fifi jangan tak makan ubat ok,,walau saya sendiri tak suka makan ubat..hehe,,,tc dear,,,

maicher said...

Thanksssssss fifi :)

Anonymous said...

apa yang saya cari, terima kasih

Maicher said...

apa yang anda cari?