Wednesday, April 6, 2011

83220 days of living.

Huh, quite a number huh?
Well, that is actually the period of time that I've been given by Him so far to still breathe.

It's been two days since my birthday.
Make me 19+2days years old now.

Of course I feel happy, glad and whatever feeling that you have when it is your birthday.
Thanks to those people who had wish me.
It doesn't matter if you knew it by Facebook or what.
Still, thanks to you.

It is really a great day huh?
Yeah of course, as it is the only day when sooooooooooo many people,
Text you. Call you. Write HB stuff on your Facebook wall. Give you gift. Treat you meal. Sing HB song to you.

Great ain't it?

But the most great thing is when


Yes, it feels super great to be remember.
It's a kinda feeling like receiving Bugatti Veyron or Lamborghini Reventon and et cetera.
Yes, this is trueee. So trueee.
Nahh.. this is more great.
When people impatiently text/call you earlier before the clock strike to 12.00 am.
It really feels that you're remembered (you're important).
Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks. and thanks. and thanks.
I like it berry multi berry much.
I guess, that's all for this birthday post.



.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

Happy birthday dear =)

Lutfi Adam said...

Alamak.. lupe nak wish dkt sini jgak.. happy birthday orng tue...

platipus said...

hppy brthday kwn

edi_fm32 said...

harap blum tlmbt wish besdy..Allah selamatkan kamu.Allah selamatkan kamu, Allah selamat Maicher..Allah selamatkan kamu..Selamat ulang tahun kelahiran..maaf ye..lmbt wish ckit..hehehe

opie.rain said...

tua suda kau nie...err...err....
btw, tua2 pun muka kw still muda..err..err..;)

opie.rain said...

err..err..tua suda kw nie...;)

fifianggun said...

wow..Bugatti Veyron or Lamborghini Reventon..hihi..btw,,happy bigggdaaayyy dearr.....i just drop in this blog today,,,,so it suppose late aite?happy belated birthday darla,, ritem,,being remembered is the most happy feeling inside...cheers!

maicher said...