Sunday, March 13, 2011

When I'm gone.

"You die when you die. No questions asked. No age limit required. It doesn't matter if you're 17 or 71, you'll die when you die."

I just read a blog of my friend, telling that he had just lost a friend.
His friend is 22. Twenty two.
Pretty young in anybody's book.
He hadn't even started working yet. He hadn't even finished his studies.
And... he died.

So then I wonder.
How will my life ended up like?
When will I die?

Will I get the chance to repay my parents, to be call
teacher...teacher.. to get married, to have my own kids?????
Well,this is rhetorical. No one knows.

Will I get the chance to.. never mind.

In case if I'm gone one day,
Tell those whom do not read these.
Tell them these...

I'm sorry for all my wrongdoings,
Halalkan makan minum aku.
Halalkan segala hutang aku. (kalau ada)
Doakan kesejahteraan aku di alam sana.

Do miss me....

Please know that I always love all of you, no matter how much I hurt and no matter how annoy
I am to you.

Seriously, we will never know when He will call us.
In case if He had called me, at least I have something prepared for all of you, my beloved bunch of people.

It's 12.38 am now.
I hope I still got the chance to see the world tomorrow.
Good night.

(I have no idea. But I'm afraid to type bui-bui for this post. Afraid that it will be my last bui-bui in my whole life)



-apis- said...

I like ur post..sometimes I feel the same just like, be prepared especially amal ibadat :)

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

bermakna nyer entry nih
momoy suka last word tu
'i'm afraid to type bye bye for this post.....'
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maicher said...


err..bui-bui la..bukan bye-bye..he