Monday, March 7, 2011

Your weight on other world

Salam and hey to all of ya!
(cheitt macam ramai jea baca blog aku yang aku pegi tulis "all of ya" -.-' )

Actually, I just wanna share something that caught my attention tonight.
Yes, as stated above and below.

"Your weight on other world"

pergghh | epic la pic ni!

No matter how small, big, fat or thin you are, let's check yours here !

As for me, I am,

15.8 kg on Mercury.
38 kg on Venus
6.9 kg on moon
15.8 kg on Mars
99.2 kg on Jupiter
44.6 kg on Saturn

and many moreee actually.
Quick, go and check yours!

I bet no one wants to live in Jupiter.



cacing said...

wah! berat nya!!! ish3... heeee

maicher said...

tuh aa rase cam nak dok kat bulan jea.

:: Zanna :: said...

kat moon 6.8 kg jer...ringgannya..huhu~~

Terkini : Blog ni dah tak suci

iKhRam said...

still want stand on the Earth.. because it is reality...

Liyana Adam said...

haha terasa ringan kat plenet lain..jom ke outer space ..huhu~