Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's funny how we, human being of different hair colors, would use the word comel for different purpose. And due to that, I'm gonna list my according-to-me-comel-list. Here it goes.

                            1. Baby. Who on this earth would think they aren't? *stares*

2. Elephant.

3. Dr. Faiz Khaleed. Fyi, I don't have crush on him before this. But since I saw him on Masterchef with the apron, pans, spatula and the rest of the kitchen stuff last week, my fangirling hormone runs. OMG why is this creature's so cute?! I feel like pinching his cheeks! Don't blame me, it's the hormone. Move on to the next comel please! 

4. Pastel colors. I'm a die hard fan of pastel colours! Pastel colours FTW! Eh.


5. Maria Elena. I just love her. Shes cute, shes smart, shes funny, and anddd she got stunning fiance! She got that X. Yes, that unknown-hard-to-get X.

6. Fat kids. Never fails to appear cute!

7. Joo yoo rin. Shes way so cuteeee! And look, shes clad in pastel colour people! Bonus here, so shes now dablo cutio! Ippo!

8. My new blog skin. I just think its cute. Nahh come on, don't give me that look. Different person got different opinion on comel kan?? 

Okay, I'm done here. Actually theres few more but I think, who would read a crappy long post? So till then.



Faiqah Umaira said...

My sister have the very same opinion of 'comel' with u. she gets really excited when she sees Dr Faiz in Masterchef. Well, when hot guys cook..... hehehehe

Maicher said...


iKhRam said...

blogmu sgt comel...
secomel strawberi.. bg saya straberi sgt comel..

cha zainol said...

dan memang aku rase comel pom blog kau ni.

Maicher said...

ikhram and cha.
hihihihi tq abang and kakak merangkap cikgu sc ^^

Salwa said...

sooo cute ok. I LIKE ;D