Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Silent reader

These couple of days, or maybe weeks, I rarely sign in my Facebook account, seldom update my blog but continuously read people's blog. I don't know. I don't feel like involving in this kind of alam maya world anymore. Sigh.

It was in 2010 (tyme tunggu result SPM), when I was so bored that I don't know what to do. Then I feel called to set up my very own blog as most of my friends got theirs. Blogging really benefit me. I learn so many things. I gain a lot of new thing by reading different kind of blog. It's either my friend's, acquaintance's or stranger's blog, I read them all. All of them got their own attraction that makes me stick to their blog up till now. From reading blog,

  • I started to drink white coffee. and I need that every single morning to keep me awake.
  • I know what is macaroon. Never heard about that before. Haha
  • I know a lot of place as most people blog about their campus, hometown and holiday. Dalam and luar Malaysia. Dua-dua ada!
  • I get to know a lot of vocab. Termasuklah cemolot. Stupido.
  • I read a lot of inspired and motivational books. Thanks for recommending^^
  • I listen to very rare song and its meaningful lyrics,
  • I learn by your mistake.
  • I get tazkirah that always remind me.
  • I get to know what is going on, on Earth. Like current issues, new gadgets, software, games and etc.
  • GET TO KNOW SOMEONE BETTER; How smart or matured he/she is. I judge it by the way they write. Because what you write portrayed yourself ain't it?

But I feel distraught as most of my favorite blogger close their blog. It happen as they think that no one read their blog as there's no one comment or write anything at the comment section. For those who think like that, PLEASE STOP THINKING LIKE THAT. Because you know, there are type of people who like to remain as a silent reader. and that is me. I do read your blog. It's just that I don't know what to comment. Please keep blogging awesome people. I love the way you come out with your brilliant ideas. Even it is just about tomatoman. Oh, I like it kot! PLEASE KEEP BLOGGING! PLEASE KEEP BLOGGING! PLEASE KEEP BLOGGING!

The point is, please keep blogging.

Because you'll never know how powerful your writing that makes people change/influenced. Believe me.

Till then,

Bui bui.

p/s: I mentioned PLEASE KEEP BLOGGING more than 3 times. Note that guysgirls. I really mean it.


NZ Diaz said...

I get to know a lot of vocab. Termasuklah cemolot. Stupido.

hahahahaha itu yang kau ingat eh? XD

kau selalu komen kat blog aku, kenapa tak jadi silent reader je? :O aku sungguh nak kerius sekarang

Maicher said...

depends, kalau aku rasa ada benda nak cakap aku komen lah.