Sunday, November 11, 2012

Red zig zag lines.

So I noticed something. Some people still don't know how to remove the red zig zag lines under every malay words that we type in Microsoft Word.

Heyywait, didn't get what I mean? Don't worry, I'm being thoughtful here. Nah.

Okay, ini yang saya maksudkan. Nampak tak garis merah di bawah perkataan² tersebut? Tahukah anda cara untuk menghilangkannya? Taktahu? Yuh, teruskan membaca!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. It's like this.

Step1 : Open your file with those annoying lines. (annoying sebab menyerabutkan mata bila nak baca)

Step 2: Go to office button. Don't know which is office button? Don't worrayh! Tengok pic bawah ni.

Step 3: Right click it. Then, click Customize Quick Access Toolbar.  

Step 4: Next, look at the left hand side of the box, find proofing and click it.

Step 5: Okay we're getting to it. Look at the bottom of the box. Tick both of the boxes. 

Step 6: Click ok. 

Now, theres no more red lines and here we go! (here we go as in what Mai? haha)

Bukankah lebih tenang untuk membacanya bila tiada lagi garis² merah?

Happy holiday oh happy days.   


p/s: Hows your 10.11.12? Mine is great. Hehe


Ahmad Tongkeng said...

hahahahaha TQ! This helps!

Maicher said...

glad that u let me know that. my pleasure!

Huda Diaz said...

Those annoying zigzag red lines help a lot. Especially if you don't want to have a single typo in your writings. Well, since your MS Word uses English as its default language, it will automatically take any non-English word as a typo. Hehehe

Maicher said...

Zaid. Yep couldnt agree more. That explains why i gave text yg berbahasa melayu as the contoh. :)