Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exciting, life is.

*No bragging intention. To whoever who read this, I hope you would focus on my main point.

3 years ago, who would know that she would turn out to be the way she is, today. Who?


3 years back, I am quite excellent in my studies. I am the tutor for Biology, Addmath and chemistry and of course not physics. ;p

My environment made me that. To surround yourself with those excellent fellas made me struggle more. I don't want to be left behind. I hate to be left behind.

As I struggle that hard, to be a teacher is in my third choice. My third choice

And here's a friend of mine, the one that has always been under my observation. I teach her everything that she wanna know. I even gave her my own self made formula. I guess that's why she misses me.  

Asyran Fauzan. Soon to be a doctor InsyaAllah.

O snap! How is that possible? I'm the one who tutor her and now I end up at a Teacher Trainee Institution and she is now in Moscow, doing her degree in Medic? Allahuakbar!

So you see something here my dear? No matter how smart/weak you're, if Allah wants you to be something else, you will be that something else.

I feel appreciated. 

I'm looking forward for what life gonna offers me in front. This phase of life is hard yet exciting. 

Oh here's one more thing.
If you failed your SPM, it doesn't mean you cant succeed in life. It's just that people would think you're stupid for few years. That's all. (and of course the parents would feel disappointed too for the time being)

Quoting from Carl Sagan, "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."



Anonymous said...


Nadhirah Baharuddin said...

you'll be a great teacher in the future, insyaAllah. btw, i agree with you. bad grades doesn't mean you'll be bad for your whole life :)

Maicher said...

Thanks nad amin insyaallah. :)

halawah nisa said...

Mesti x expect nak jadi cikgu kan?
sooner or later we will discover why He choose us on this path.Have faith!

Maicher said...

faizah. I do expect, cuma, it's not my top target. hehe

thanks btw!

asyfauzan said...

oh long time i nv open my blog..n bound myself to this..
it really come deep from my heart...
ur physic isn't bad..
i remember the formula to memorize vector quantity..

Maicher said...

@asy: omggg what had brought you here? huihuihui. i know med is hard but still, strive till the end! :D