Friday, November 16, 2012

Making friends, hye and hello!

Quoting from Ted Mosby the architect, " I wished I'd branched out and made more friends in my 20's ".

That's more less like it.

These couple of days (or maybe months), I met a lot of people. No, its actually, I befriend with lotsa people.

Meeting new people, knowing and understands about their life culture, is a nice thing I must say. Really.

I enjoy listen to their thoughts and perspectives towards life. Way very different from mine.

I like people and I want to learn more about them.

But . . . . . . (theres always but, sheesh)

My biggest restriction is, I'm a shy sapiens. This often comes off as me being a snob. But I really can be friendly once I warm up to a person.

But . . . . . . (sheesh, more but, seriously?)

I am a , err , hmm, kind of selective. I don't like (don't intent to keep the conversation going) if they are like:

  • picks saya-awak as the medium pronoun. I don't know. I kind of uncomfortable with it. I dont like, I dont know. And, it is awkward. Be it girls, boys, still, awkward
  • using alien kind of languages. It's either "npe xleh?" "ap 2?" "aq da ta cuke kat diew" "i ady sent. u ony hv to bla bla" and more. Why can't you spell it correctly? The way it should be. It won't make you sound nerd. It will make you sound smarter ada lah!
My next problem is, I don't approve strangers on facebook nor follow fellas I don't know on Twitter. That is so not me. Sedangkan itulah medium paling mudah bukankah?

Anyhow, I did find other alternative. Few months ago, I signed up an account for pen-pal yada yada I don't remember the site's name.  It's for us to make pen pal with people at the other part of this world.

Too bad, I abandoned the account. I forgot about the existence. Kata nak making friend sangat lol! 

What is the solution anyone?

p/s: I actually like it more if we could talk in English. It sharpens my skills and it wipes the awkwardness.  


Faizah said...

tudiaaa,meh kita speaking duaa.hehe

Maicher said...

that's why i like you! haha