Friday, April 27, 2012

Swimming and hotness.

I think most of you had already saw these pics. So what do you think? Early exposure on swimming to plusminus 2 years old toddlers? 

Geez, so cute!

p/s: If you're a guy, do learn how to swim bcos you'll look hotter. Nahhh kidding, it's bcos the Prophet told you to do so, la. Err, never heard about this? Now you heard. Check this out!

Bui-bui old folks!


Faiqah Umaira said...

Bella! ^__^

Huda Diaz said...

I'm soooooo not hot T_T

asliner said...

baru tgk gambar nie..
kentang lah!

cha zainol said...

babe. aku masa tengok gambar ni kat fb kan, menjerit sorang sorang. nanti nak jugak lah :)