Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My generasi.

This vid explains my generation.
I bet the rest of 90's too aite? Oh mango! I miss my secondary school.
My childhood moment and everything.

Sometimes I feel like, I wanna work. Study is tiring.
But thinking as a 10-years-in-time-from-now-Maisarah-Alloha, I think she's gonna say,
" What on earth are you thinking?? You wanna work?? Like seriously?? "

And that is why, I'll cherish every moment that happens in my life.
I won't wish time to fly faster, nor slower.

p/s: Teacher always told me that alam belajar is the best alam of all. And I found it is super duper true. (tapi time assignment berkilo tak dikira la. eh boleh plak) Kthanksbai ^^



cha zainol said...

gila rindu!!! dank, sumpah rindu!

cha zainol said...

wei, jom nanti kita main pepsi cola. nak? kau mana? bz ek? gud luck.

Maicher said...

sori tak reply weh. afta assigmnet, test plak. aigoo -.-'