Saturday, January 8, 2011

Commit suicide?


It's been a great shock yesterday. An old friend of mine text me, telling me that she has an intention to commit suicide! Ya Allah.. what on earth had struck her head? She don't used to be like this back the when we're in high school.

She told me that she had gave up in life. She always gave her best in every examination but the outcome was never as expected. Haizzzz..

Whatever it is, still, you shouldn't do this stupid action, nor this thing should never ever come across your mind!.
This is a test by Him. you should bear this in mind.

At first, it was so hard for me to convince her. She don't even pick up the phone.
Haiihh.. so, the only opt left is to reply the message.
Luckily she listen to me. or else.. arghh..
Dear Allah, please give strength to her.a lot of. I plead.

that's all.

Bui bui.


aimanazlan said...

Always take suicide messages seriously. Support her.

maicher said...

i will :)

iKhRam said...

semuanya berbalik kepada tuhan..

AesyaZealous said...

astaghfirullah. hope she didnt do that

maicher said...

yep aesya.
really reallly hope.

nauzubillah minzalik. mintak2 dijauhkan la suma benda2 camni.

pipoq said...

kecewa sampai nak bunuh diri ?

maicher said...

camtu laa.
sebab every exam result die terok.
tambah lagi ngan muet.
die tension sangat.

ak faham sangat die nyer situasi.
mmg die sgt perlukan support.^^

Cik Peanut said...

although life is miserable, tell her, that, one day, her day will come..

too many happier things to think, more than, thinking about the exam's result. it's only on paper.

Maicher said...

@cik peanut.
so truee.