Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today is a special day!
ahah.. it's my youngest brother's 6th birthday! :D

Lil brother | Mohd Adil bin Alloha

Wish you great health, wealth and happiness!
I know you wouldn't know i did this sort of things.
but i'll make sure one day, you read this :)

p/s: baru lepas video call ngan Adil.oh and, harini befday Siti Nurhaliza jugak^^

Bui Bui.


iKhRam said...

hepi besday ye kat adik yg comey tu

♔ alice charlotte ♔ said...

apy blated burfday to ur lil bro.. ^__^v

Cik Jari said...

epi bday adik....moge dapat adiah best dari maicher.....hehe

kay yea said...

hepi birthday to your brother~~

Maria James said...

happy birthday!

Maria James said...
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Anonymous said...

ini adik aku juga....hahahahahaha!!!! ooo...blogger ye kamu skarang..

-cikgu mat.