Friday, October 8, 2010

Not a big deal

Salam and hey readers..
I just want to let you know,
that I,
deactivated my Facebook account !

it was last night when i decided to.
i donno.
just thinking that fb is a kinda distraction,
wasting time?
what else..
(takde pekdah) -.-'

so after this,
no more red notifications,
no more stalking people's wall ;p
no more err...
whatever it is...
farewell i bid to
Mark Zuckerberg.

bui-bui FACEBOOK. ^___^

p/s : to Mark Zuckerberg, you just lost an eager, addicted Facebooker!


Sabri said...

teringin juga nak pkir2 blik d mase sng gak nak kontek n tau info kwn2 skang..heeh said...

ermm..mmg betol tuh..rase2 ni pon temporary jea cos nak exam..
muhahaha :D

Mar said...

wah tahniah berjaya deactived account fb

Lutfi Adam said...

hahaha.. deactivate tak lama pun... lawak2.. =P

maicher said...

tak lawak mana lah lutfizain oi!

Lutfi Adam said...

ooo.. ok tak lawak..tak lwak..