Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Where's The Trashcan?

My mom has a habit of keeping things (read: hamper wrapper, bottles, kfc container and etc). Her rational is "who knows we might need that later".

Problem is, those things are taking up spaces in the cupboard. It has been ages and up till now, those things are still there, get all dust covered up and have no use. So I decided to throw those away.

Anddd up till now, she didn't even realize that those things had gone.

Sometimes we're being too attach to things that we afraid to throw it away.

Have the gut to throw. So only then you'll realize you actually got a lot of space.. in the cupboard. :)

P/s: Let the beginning of 2015 be decorated with compassion and love. Rubbish? The trashcan is over there, sir.


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