Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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2014 has been a challenging year for all of us. Too many things had happened.
And the latest one is the flood.

It’s unbearable to see the flood victims. The worst are those who has just lose their house. Whewh, loosing a house?! When everyone else is cleaning their house while these group of people don’t even have a house to go back to. Where are they gonna live now? How about their kids? School equipments and stuffs? I can’t even.

Pictures courtesy: Raja Syamri. 

Sigh (eh tak elok mengeluh).
It breaks my heart seeing them live at the bust stops, at the railway station. Oh. My God. Are you kidding me? How could one live AT THE RAILWAY STATION? Ya Allah..

This is a surely a test from Him. Not only for the victims. BUT FOR ALLL OF US. He wants to see how do we handle this. Yang mangsa banjir nak tengok sejauh mana level kesabaran mereka. Cakap memang senanglah you don’t experience it yourself. Yes I’m aware of that. I know, I know. But this is a test remember? Try to not fail for the outcome is worth it!

And to us yang tak kene banjir, some might not aware but actually, kita pon diuji. ARE WE HELPING OR NOT. Ke tengok je dan rasa kesian dan kemudian tak buat apa-apa seperti tiada apa yang berlaku pada saudara kita?  Doesn't matter if we are old or young, rich or poor, badass or a holy angel. Pray and help them financially or if you have a great health with energy and if you got free time, be a volunteer.

Tertarik dengan hadis ni,

Dari Abu Hurairah r.a., dari Nabi SAW, yang bersabda :
" Barangsiapa yang melapangkan seorang mukmin, suatu kesusahan dari kesusahan-kesusahan dunia, nescaya Allah akan melepaskan dirinya suatu kesusahan dari kesusahan-kesusahan di hari kiamat. "
Riwayat Muslim.

On a different note, what do we say when bad things happened and we want to calm down and get back on the right track?

“There’s a blessing in disguise.”

Yeap. I can see that apparently Malaysians are all very helpful and generous and amazing subhanallah. All races are helping each other. If it takes disaster to strike and only then we could be together like this, maybe that’s the reason why The All Knowing king send us this trials and hardships. Whatever it is,  may Allah grants all of these people jannah for their noble endeavor for you guys are amazing!  :’)

For all the flood victims, you guys are in my thought and prayers.
Keep holding on.

P/s: He knows what is in every heart. 


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Farah said...

Sedih sangat bila baca berita pasal banjir ni :(