Thursday, January 29, 2015

Asking Forgiveness.

I have a new habit.
It started off when I found out that istighfar has a lot of goodness. (time tu I kind of messed up)

I'll istighfar before going to bed. Till I fall asleep.

I'll istighfar and muhasabah diri on what wrongdoings had I done on that day.

And if I can't think of any (bukan sebab takdak buat salah tapi sebab kelemahan minda mengingati perkara yang dah berlaku), I'll sedekahkan my istighfars to my parents.

I think this is a good habit.

It's a good thing right? to always recheck on ourself. Pikir balik perkara apa yang kita buat salah harini while the mouth and heart asking forgiveness from the Almighty.

But few days back I don't muhasabah diri before I went to bed. I don't istighfar nimore. Cuz  I got night class. I'm tired and exhausted. Imagine kelas dari pagi sampai malam. I already feel like a corpse. I simply sleep right away bila sampai bilik.

I should reset things back before it's too late isn't it? I don't want to let this habit go.It has to stay with me.

I gotta sleep now. Till then.


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Miss Xyz said...

bagus2, orang perempuan kata para ustz kena byakkan istighfar & amal ibadah