Friday, June 25, 2010

Merbok in memory..

Salam people! :D

Lately, I always think of Merbok. Why? Donno. Maybe it's been awhile since I left there. The scenery, the people, and the everything. Hahaha.. By the way Merbokian, can you still remember Brain Gym? *giggling* All of sudden I've been thinking about this. Actually, I read ICON last night.

Cross Crawl, The Elephant..hurmm what else..we do brain gym every single time before we start our lesson. I can still remember, especially for 5 Bombastic people, we were instructed to conduct our class member. It is compulsory for everyone. And I, get the chance to do so. Weee~

What else. Ahha..of course. Our ex-chief warden, Mr. Rizalmi. A strict, stern, addmath teacher. What is sooo special about this young, handsome teacher is, he got magic! Yes, magic. He is dearly love by all of Merbokians even whatever he did to us. Anyway, what had he did? Only we know :p
That day,he made an annoucement which I can still remember. It sounded something like this : "Assalamualaikum..Attention to all Aspurians, now is your recreational time. So all you need to clear the hostel block. It is advisable for you to ramble around the college while enjoying the flora and fauna around here. In addition, you can still proceed with you revision activities while inhaling fresh air fron the spectacular environment. Your cooperation is fully appreciated. Thank you. "
What is so funny about this thing is, our college is surrounded by rubber trees. Hahaha.. So how come? Spectacular environment? Ekekeke. All of us laugh thunderously, rolling on the floor that evening :)

Hurmm. So much sentimental memory I left there. Hope to go there again :)
Hey before that, do you still remember, Mr. Mazlan promised to get us gift if we get A in Biology. But still, I don't get mine? How come? Someone, please tell Mr. Mazlan. He might be forgot about this :p

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