Friday, June 18, 2010

Farewell KMPh..

Salam everyone..

*'s been two days I was at home. BORING. The most precise word to describe what I feel right now.

"Eeesyhh..kenape balik awal sangat.."
"Menyesal nye ak...."
"Dah rugi, tak sempat nak lawan plak tuhh"

Those are the lines that always disrupt me..Ya ya I know. I should not leave KMPh that immediately. I should stay 2-3 days..*Well at least..

What are you guys doing right now??
Mida, Yana, Zain???
Best awesome buddy ever..
They coloured the practicum; 4H25A!

P/s: I want to write more actually. But I...speechless -__-'

Never mind,patiently wait for the upcoming post. ;)

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