Thursday, August 10, 2017

Marvel Diaper Bag.

Saw marvel diaper bag was on sale the other day. Thought of getting one for my brother but at that time I was like, nah it's 2 months away so whats the rush nanti pun boleh beli.

So yesterday, I went to do some grocery shopping only to walk passed through that shop and realized that those bags WERE NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Weh bapak sedih. Dahla tengah sale plus design dia cantik I wouldn't find this anywhere else I know.

I've already picturing my brother's reaction for owning a diaper bag of a marvel heroes that he has always loved. I know it's just a diaper bag but for a marvel fan, anything related to marvel is just bae.

If I were to learnt something from this, it's gonna be, do not procrastinate for amazing things. If if we're late, somebody is just gonna snatch it away from us. Uff

But that's okay. No diaper bag but sure, some lesson to take home.


Ninie said...

terkilan weyyy. Yes, of kos. Mmg kalo benda2 berkenan, kena grab trus. mesti esok2 xde. ninie pn suka gitu kdg2, pastu nyesal..haha

Maicher said...

Ini la yang dipanggil, takde rezeki.


Julia Tarmidi said...

Salam singgah dan follow :)