Monday, May 4, 2015

Letters in Jar.

Saya pernah la tengok cerita omputeh tentang sebuah perhubungan cinta antara pasangan kekasih ni. Dipendekkan cerita bilamana dorang nak tie the knot, both of them decided to write a letter to each other mengenai pasangan mereka tentang apa yang membuatkan mereka cinta dan suka pada pasangan mereka.

Kegunaan surat ni ialah, if they ever encounter any difficulties in their marriage, they can read the letter that has been write by their partner in times before they got married.

I found it so absurd. Like whateves merepek la. Mengarut je semua ni.

But not until just now. I kind of having problems with a friend of mine. We're not as good as before. I don't even know what when wrong. Things changed in a blink of an eye. Yesterday we're good but out of nowhere, today doesn't feel like the same anymore.

Ditakdirkan Allah yang Maha Esa, kan baru habis praktikum beberapa hari lepas hence I got quite a number of letters from my students. I have this habit of keeping every surat in a box.

Jadik bila mana nak simpan those latters, saje la baca balik letters and cards that I've received.

And thennnn, I came across her card. A birthday card she gave me 3 years ago.

I read that card. Rasa sebak. I miss us. In that card, she said shes grateful upon having me as her friend. She said she value our friendship so much. But then, what had happened to us now? Why she has changed? Why shes acting so cold to me right now? Only God knows.

I gave up on her. I feel like biar lah if she wanna hate me, go on.

Anyhow that card changed me. It reminds me of how she once has treated me very nicely. How once we were so happy being around in the company of each other. If things were no longer like before, I gotta work this thing out.

Kalau dulu kita pernah rasa persahabatan ini bermakna, mengapa tidak sekarang?

It works, people. At least for me. And the couple in the movie.




Miss Xyz said...

Give her some time, time will heal. Tapi jgn lupa terus doakan supaya lmbutkan hati dia. Saya prnh alaminya, kehkehkeh

Farah said...

I guess people change. Moga Allah jernihkan kembali hubungan tu :)