Monday, June 2, 2014

Hanya Bergema di Dalam Hati, Tidak Terluah di Rongga Tekak

I would love to start my post with quoting a friend's Facebook status few months ago. It sounded more or less like this;

"Permulaan hari yang baik bermula dengan waktu pagi. Maka mulakanlah pagi anda dengan solat Subuh dua rakaat secara berjemaah."

Bila bangun lambat solat subuh lambat, perasaan dia tak best. Tak syok, kelam kabut dan serabut. Analogy nya seperti ini; berjanji nak meeting pukul 5.45am and you show up at 7.00am. How would you feel if you're on the waiting side?

Sudah tentu tidak enak. Makanya (it's hard actually to type these) I urge myself and those who read this to fight the nafs and solat Subuh on time without fail. Alright? Khalas. 

Enough of that. ^_^


Wahh diam tak diam cuti pertengahan semester dah pun berlalu seminggu. Among many things that I've done, one from them was watching this series. I'd love to quote few lines from that series and I'd love to comment something on it (LOL).

Don't give or take anything. Don't expect anything either.  So where's the fun in life then? Dull gila kehidupan jika kuotasi ini disemadikan dalam diri. Sure, theres a price that you gotta pay for taking anything or anyone in life. Life's like that and it's not new. :P

And also, I've been reading this novel too. I happen to feel succumb reading English book so I decided to tukar angin. Nak baca buku Melayu lah pulak. It's been awhile. Rasanya last baca novel Melayu masa tunggu result PMR haritu. But to my disappointment, this is the only Malay novel that I've found on the book rack. I believe it's either Ron's or Ina's.

After reading few page of it, I have a feeling that it sucks (I'm so sorry). But due to my silly OCD, I can't leave it halfway. What has been started must have an end. I know, what on earth isn't it?

Tapi begitulah. Rasa tak kena semacam if tinggal lepas baca separuh jalan. I ain't like that. I'll finish it no matter what. It's not that bad actually. It's the storyline that I found a bit boring (huhu sorry again).

Nevertheless, I did found few phrases that I like! Ahaks. Among that I can remember are these;
tersingkap segala rahsia disebalik hati
rasa indah yang bertamu dalam hati
hanya bergema di dalam hati, tidak terluah di rongga tekak

Cute isn't it? I don't know. I really like beautiful words or phrases or lines. Tu among from many that I can recall. Banyak lagi yang best. But chu know, short term memory lost and stuff. Geez so sad la liddis. T_T

P/s: When you can't write, read. When you can't read, write!



Sahabat Syurga said...

hahaha.... wow, nie novel2 romantis2 gitu mai... Kalau nak baca novel Malay, I suggest u to read up novel2 Jemari Seni. =) Hlovate, Saidatul Safaa, and so on... banyak quote menarik.

Maicher said...

@azie. haah tu la pasal haha. wahh thanks for the suggestions! ;)